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Have You Ever Locked Your Keys In The Trunk? Here’s What to Make So It Never Happens Again!

Calling all Jewelry Makers:
I recently went to a Flamenco show in West Palm Beach in South East Florida. It was wonderful. I thought what better way to capture the night then make some paper beads from the theater programs of Playbill to use to make jewelry.

And, I also wanted a keychain bracelet. I was always digging around in my purse for the keys and it seemed like a fight to get them out of the pocket even with a keychain on it. When I first moved down here, I lived in a rental condo and they gave us keys on a keychain bracelet made from phone chord. I fell in love with the idea instantly.

So why not put these two things together right? I think lots of people could use a keychain bracelet. I knew someone who was late to an appointment because her keys fell in the trunk of her car as she was lifting her paper stack out of it. She was an hour late. She could have used one I’m sure. We’ve all been in situations like that, right?

I’m making a three part series that shows how to m…

JBHensleySWJ Shop Update March 2018

Oh my...

Well, I haven't opened the shop yet, however, I have bought a printer to make prints of my art and my books, though it's possible the books may be printed by a printing company, I haven't made the decision on that yet.

February was a personal month. I had some issues I had to help with and not only that, I needed to assess what I truly wanted from this blog that I've built over two years time.

I've had medication adjustments. I've had days where I ask "What is the point of spending my days on trying to make a living with creativity?"

I watched youtube, read blog posts, talked with my therapist, and my parents.

I know that I want to stop what happened to me over 12 years ago from happening to anyone else, and myself.

I wasn't an advocate for myself. I wasn't aware of how I was acting, and yet deep down I knew that I would get better if I just believed in love.

So I did. And I'm still here for my family and myself, and for friends.

I have a few poems on here that I am making books from. One was published at one time, but I have decided to make the graphics cleaner so that it can be printed either by me or a printing company and be the great guided journal it is.

I owe it to people to follow through on this as people have purchased the original and love it. I owe it to myself too. I want to use it again too.

I can't make a promise of a date. What I can do is say that I will have my shop open sometime this month, this year.

I will have some art, and books to buy.

Have a good one!

Jess aka sketchwriterjess


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