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Have You Ever Locked Your Keys In The Trunk? Here’s What to Make So It Never Happens Again!

Calling all Jewelry Makers:
I recently went to a Flamenco show in West Palm Beach in South East Florida. It was wonderful. I thought what better way to capture the night then make some paper beads from the theater programs of Playbill to use to make jewelry.

And, I also wanted a keychain bracelet. I was always digging around in my purse for the keys and it seemed like a fight to get them out of the pocket even with a keychain on it. When I first moved down here, I lived in a rental condo and they gave us keys on a keychain bracelet made from phone chord. I fell in love with the idea instantly.

So why not put these two things together right? I think lots of people could use a keychain bracelet. I knew someone who was late to an appointment because her keys fell in the trunk of her car as she was lifting her paper stack out of it. She was an hour late. She could have used one I’m sure. We’ve all been in situations like that, right?

I’m making a three part series that shows how to m…

A Couple of Palms at Daybreak 1 Printable Blank Card at JBHensleySWJ

Dear Art Lovers

Ever want to give a gift and a beautiful card to go along with it? What if I was to tell you that you can get both from one purchase!

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Great as a blank note card and/or gift, you can rest easy knowing that you've got something from the heart, where price is no object to give to someone special.

A couple of Palms at Daybreak. Floridas got my heart, Has it got you?

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Here you are: 


Where do and Try Meet Eye to Eye.

Jess aka sketchwriterjess


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