Savings and Splurges

Savings and Splurges

News about health and recipes for healthy living.


Thai Iced Tea can use any of these or many of these. Your Choice.

Powdered skim milk, water, canola oil, raw sugar, Thai Iced Tea Mix, Black tea, Ceylon Orange tea vanilla extract, vanilla bean, artificial sweetener.

Some tips on how to save on food, and home goods.

  • If you've got 2 coupons for cereal from two different brands and they have a way to buy a certain amount and get one for dollars off, do it. Buy the biggest size you can? even better. 
  • Soda Fixins' Like Flavor for water, Grenadine, Rose's Lime Juice and Don't forget the seltzer to make your own special sodas with less calories! 
  • Use a single serve coffee maker to make the coffee. 
  • Drink coffee at Home. 
  • Make grilled cheese at home. 
  • Triple your takeout by eating as much as you'd like when you first buy it and get it home, and then split up the rest of your food into two portions. Works great with combination platters from the Chinese Restaurant. And, it will work for other takeout too. It's the portions that matter. 
  • If you choose to make you're own ottoman out of crochet or knitting a panel, use pillows from a box store like Target. Chances are you can get 2 pillows for the price of 1 somewhere else and they are firm enough that the ottoman won't deflate, which can happen if you just stuff something with fiberfill. Fiberfill is great for small things, like dolls and Christmas Balls, but in my opinion, not for pillows.

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