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If you enjoy shopping on Etsy, I do have a few things in the shop not on this page, i.e. Coloring Pages, Tarot Tales. Though I no longer write Tarot Tales, they are fun to read and I enjoyed writing them for entertainment. I still am adding to the coloring pages though.

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Private Tarot Readings

You must be 18+ to order. Here are a couple of ways you can book a private reading with me:

1. You can join the group "Mystic Aura" on Facebook. I read in this group as an approved reader, to sell readings. I've got sterling reviews! Not only can you buy readings from me, but there are at least 10 more people in addition to me that read and there are more being added everyday. If you enjoy talking about New Age Spirituality and enjoy free Tarot Readings once in a while, then this group could be for you. Must be 18+ to receive paid readings in the group. All readings are done by Facebook messenger chat only. Payment is made through paypal from the link I'll send you in chat. This group is a closed group so you need to request to join the group from the manager of Mystic Aura.

2. You can email me through my site on the Contact Form at the bottom of the page with the type of reading, by option in the subject line, that you would like from me. Choices are listed below.

Option A, Tarot Reading by Chat $25.00 for 25-40 minutes, $45.00 for 50 minutes or a little over an hour:

Once I receive payment, you can let me know your question, Dream Interpretation is my specialty, let me know a little about your dream in the Notes to Seller Section once I send you the link for a money request from paypal. From there, in chat, I pull cards and take a picture of the layout and post it in chat, then I go through each card. After that you are free to ask more questions, with out anymore card pulls, just my psychic ability, until time runs out.

Option B, Tarot Reading by Pre-Recorded Video made for the customer $25.00 for Angel or Ancestor Message around 25-40 minutes, $45.00 for A Life Path Pick a Pile Reading 50 minutes or just over an hour:

Upon payment received, you may ask me about your dream to be interpreted. These videos are filmed in my studio. They are like my YouTube Videos. You can request Angel or Ancestor Message or Life Path by Pile pick. I record a video for your request. I send you the video directly through email. It is formatted so it won't clog up your device. Once it is sent to you, I put it into the cloud and I delete it from my computer. In the cloud it will have it's own page, and I will send you a link to that too.

Option C, Tarot Reading by Document File. $15.00 Angel Message Prediction

Upon payment received you may ask me a question about the future. No legal or health questions please. I pull cards and pull number game pieces to reveal an angel number. I interpret the energy from the cards and the number and send you a pdf file with the Reading Result.

If you have any questions about my process of Tarot Reading, feel free to ask through the contact form. I look forward to reading for you.

Guided Journal Workshops

All Images of Covers have a Grid on them to prevent stolen downloaded covers. The .pdf files do not have grids on the covers. They are clean.

How to Like Yourself Now (To Survive): A Guided Journal Workshop by Jessica B. Hensley


This book takes creating affirmations for one self to a whole new level. Once someone reads this book, they are then encouraged to cut it up and create their own inspirational affirmations. If a person enjoys collage, this is right up their ally.

Once payment is made, the ebook is available for download.

How to Journal Now (To Solve Life Problems): A Guided Journal Workshop by Jessica B. Hensley


This book is an introduction to Visual Journaling. Though this method is based off of bullet journaling, it is different in that there is more writing involved, more planning, and just diving into what a person needs to work on in their life. A bullet journal is for someone whose got their life together enough to know how to be productive and mark their tasks and goals with the knowledge of knowing exactly what needs to be done. If a person is just beginning to record their life issues, such as mood, goal setting, and daily notes then this is just the thing they need to get them going.

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Jessica B. Hensley

Jessica B. Hensley
I've got Bipolar Disorder Type 1 and Psychic Abilities:

Hello everyone,

This blog is a place to read about one person's experience with Bipolar Life and it's obstacles. It is also a place to get information about surviving and thriving with a mental illness.

Not only do I make art and craft, I write and do Tarot Readings for the General Audience.
I discovered I have psychic abilities once I stopped drinking alcohol. Champagne? Not just yet ; ).

My hope is that you get inspired to put yourself out there into the world. It's scary to do so. It always is, but it's the only way to make progress towards having any quality of life.

Take Care and Blessings.