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The Universe Answers Tarot Readings

The Universe Answers Tarot Readings: Yes or No Love Tarot Readings

This is a 3 card reading with one oracle card, one tarot card, and one playing card. Decks and Card meanings are listed below. You will also receive three journal questions that ask How?. How can I work on myself is what it's about. How can I work on myself to have the best relationship possible?

Uses the Following Decks:

Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection by Mike Dooley (Oracle)
Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche (Tarot)
Across the Universe by NASA (Playing Cards)

Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection

Oracle deck shows what the person is dreaming of and what question they want a yes or no answer too. I use this one because I feel like most people dream of love. Many questions are about love, so when the universe is answering a question it is most likely about love. The oracle cards in this deck have beautiful galaxy style artwork and messages about love and relationships with life too.

Cosmic Tarot

Tarot Deck that shows the symbol that the person dreaming needs to look out for to help answer the question. I use this one because I feel like the imagery is romantic. Also, the name of the Tarot is Cosmic Tarot. Seems fitting.

Across the Universe by NASA

Playing Card Deck shows the motivation behind why someone is dreaming and why they want a question answered. I use this Deck because A) it can be read in reverse and B) it is NASA illustrated in photos from hubble. I use it as a minor arcana clarifier card. When people play cards, they have the motivation to win. What hand is shown gives an idea of how a person is playing.

Personal Three Card The Universe Answers Yes or No Tarot Reading    

You must be 18+ to order.

Readings are delivered in 1-3 days:

And if you want to see what kind of reading you can expect. Feel free to check out my blog. Below are the Journal Packets That go with each post. You can by these for $3.33. Each general love reading comes with the reading from the post, 3 Journal questions, and a display of the cards to assist you in your spiritual journey.

Yes. The Twin Flame Journey is Worth Staying on.
The Universe Answers Love Reading


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