Twin Flame Tarot Spread Writing Prompt: “In the Eye of the Storm”

Twin Flame Tarot Spread: “In the Eye of the Storm”

The Twin Flame Tarot Spread consists of a masculine side, a feminine side, and an underlying theme card that sheds light on the situation. The masculine and feminine sides each have a past, present, and future starting from the bottom up on each side. The theme card is from the bottom of the deck and sits above the masculine and feminine spreads.

This spread allows people to see how the masculine feels and how the feminine feels and why they are together or separated. The theme card is important to this spread because it joins the two halves of the soul together, though it could be two souls as well. There is some debate on that.

One thing this spread may not be able to tell is what the mission of the Twin Flames relationship is. Perhaps a clarifying card for the theme card can be pulled. The card under the bottom card of the deck. I think I will pull one next time I do this.

Here are the cards:


(Past) Eight of Swords Reversed: Difficulty, Disquiet, Uneasiness, Anxiety

(Present) King of Cups Reversed: Dishonest, Vice, Wrongdoing

(Future) Eight of Cups Up: Walking Away with Honor, Leaving emotions behind. Modesty.


(Past) Justice Card Up: Equity, Equality, Rightness, Executive

(Present) The Emperor Up: Stability, Conviction, Reason

(Future) Knight of Wands Up: Departure, Young Man, Change


(Underlying theme that defines the relationship) Six of Cups Up: Reflecting on Enjoyment. Things that have vanished.

Here are the poem and prose poem

Full of disquiet

we meet in the midst

of wrong doing

all things are equal

we are convinced

we need to part

we have a bond

that runs deep

like a red river

we are full

of happiness

in each breath

we take

in each others


We meet again in this lifetime fully refreshed yet new like babies learning to walk and becoming toddlers who stand tall to children at play to adults who feel young at heart with each other.

We want to stay in the eye of the hurricane together never falling, holding tight to something that feels like home. We feel like home.

View the video here: "In The Eye of the Storm" Tarot Twin Flame Tuesday

I hope you like this spread. Feel free to use it in your videos or on your blogs. You don’t have to credit me with it however it would be nice if you did.

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  1. I find this very intetesting but I am confused about the purpose of the writing prompt. Can you please explain what and who the prompts are aimed at. Thanks.

    1. They are for people who journal and also people who gather ideas for writing projects. Fiction, memoir, poetry, creative writing. It's also for people to read and gain insight. They don't have to write, however they may get more out of their insight if they do.

    2. That explanation is most clarifying. I was afraid I was missing an experience I didn't want to miss.


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