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About Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Hello everyone,

I have been blogging on my Sketchwriterjess blog since 2015. I had other blogs since 2005, which are now defunct. Why do I tell you this about my old blogs? Because like many people in my Generation, The Xennials, I am always changing my mind, then starting new projects and hoping they will take flight. Speaking of my mind...Not only do I have Bipolar I (Bipolar Type I), but I also have psychic abilities. I never thought the two could coexist but here I am.

There are many subjects my blog covers. It started out as a lifestyle blog about having a Mental Illness with an attempt at living the handmade lifestyle, due to my earning my only income through SSI, Social Security Supplemental Income, and wanting to make my own money. I wanted to prove that what I did was worth doing.

Much of the content on this blog is related to my Bipolar Disorder and having a business in the Handmade Industry. However, my life took some unexpected turns in 2019. After living and surviving with Bipolar I with the help of therapy with Doctors, I met a bartender and my heart chakra broke wide open.

Not only did I fall for him and lose contact with him which hurt, at the same we lost contact, my Mom had some serious Heart Health issues. She has survived 4 heart attacks since 2019. Knowing both people and interacting with them shaped me in ways that no other experiences could have.

I faced my mortality with my Mom’s battle to survive. And I embraced the unknown after meeting the man I still feel a deep soul connection to. My psychic abilities started to become available to me again after years of isolation and toxic social dynamics. I love my Mom so much, and I care for the man I met very much. Both loves run deep with in me and I feel more connected to spirit because I felt their kindness so often and my soul remembers it.

I write my blog articles for people who feel like they are alone in suffering whether it be an illness, love, health, spirituality. Feeling they are carrying burdens, looking for a way to stop the pain. My life, for a long time, was all about trying to stop pain from continuing. And I have added quality to my life or as I like to say, I live my life in qualitude, i.e. I am thankful for having a good quality of life.

I have broken my wall of solitude, and now live in qualitude.

How do I do this? I do what I love everyday. I do things that enhance my enjoyment of life. I do safe activities like Art, Writing, and Tarot. At some point I may even write some song lyrics again. I used to write them a couple of years ago as a way to put what I felt into words. It was like using my mind to get my heart on paper. On this blog I do have a few poems you can read if you feel moved to do so.

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Take Care and Blessings,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess, i.e. Jessica Berck Hensley

P.S. It’s a mouthful I know but I got a high vibration to maintain and I need to expand my reach.