Dream Tarot Reading: Karmic Relationship Cycle, Talk of being a medium and ending karmic cycles

Hi everyone,

This reading is eye-opening. It's about someone who is questioning why they are in karmic relationships and why they are avoiding a relationship full of love and respect that they deserve.

An ancestor of someone in the collective who came through is named Jane. She is discussed in the first Pile and moves to the second as well. This is a general message so it is for everyone who is into karmic cycle talk to listen too, it is however up to you to take what resonates and leave what doesn't behind. I may be psychic, but I try not to predict, I just give guidance. More on that in the wrap-up.

In the wrap up I also discuss my experience as a medium, my karmic cycle patterns, and using free will.

If you just want to watch the wrap-up it's 20 minutes long. I edited it to be that length since the topic is such a heavy one.

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Take Care and Blessings.

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