Is The Twin Flame Journey is Worth Staying On?( A Universe Answers Love Reading)

The Universe Answers yes or no: Is the Twin Flame Journey worth staying on?

Yes. Why? The Masculine sees his Feminine as someone who won't try to change him to be someone else. She will accept him for who he is. This gives him comfort.

What are people dreaming about? From the Card "Dwell on what you love" the line that sticks out from the meaning is " can't quite know in what directions they'll grow". The card describes people as if they are trees. Branches allowed to grow free flourish.

What is the dream symbol to look out for?The Feminine is afraid he will be difficult to accept as he is, but with the high priestess card she knows she can do so as she has been through so many rough patches herself.

What is the motivation of the dream? The 8 of spades/swords Reversed Galactic Center is the core of the Milky Way galaxy. He sees her as part of his core which is why it's so important for her to accept him as he is. She knows this deep down and can free herself from worry about the Twin Flame Bond.

Crystal Message:

"Imagine having a conversation with him in a forest. The trees give you air to breathe deep. He is waiting for you to ask him questions about the things you are worried about concerning the bond. Let it out."

Journal Questions:

How do I accept my masculine as he is?

How do I use my intuition to set up boundaries for the things I won't stand for?

What coping skills can I use to help me be worry free when I make decisions on this Twin Flame Journey?

Decks: Notes from the Universe, Cosmic Tarot, Across the Universe.

Crystals: Clear Quartz and Selenite

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