Claiming the Divine Within: A Tarot Spread

 Claiming the Divine Within: A Tarot Spread

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Hi everyone, I decided my make the undonespirit333 archive sketchwriterjess live because it's connected to the Jessica Hensley You Tube channel. I'm still posting videos on there.

Anyway, feel free to pin and download the above image for use in your readings either for business or professional use. If using for professional use on videos, please tell people you got it from the undonespirit333 archive sketchwriterjess.

It's designed by me Jessica Berck Hensley, with the divine help from the Spirit team I work with. I work with God, Goddess, Ancestors, Guiding Spirits, Angels, and Ascended Masters such as Jesus to bring my work to you.

Thank you for stopping by the live archive. 

Stay tuned for readings being posted on this archive, specifically from You Tube.

Also, I have art work you may want to check out on Undone Spirit.

Thanks for viewing.

Now for the text version of this, got to feed the blogosphere. ; )

Claiming the Divine Within
A Tarot and Oracle Spread brought to you from
the UndoneSpirit333 Archive Sketchwriterjess
by Jessica Berck Hensley

It's a 7 card spread.

1 is in the middle, 2 is at the top, 3 is on the bottom, 4 is on the top left, 5 is on the top right, 6 is on the bottom left, and 7 is on the bottom right.

It makes a flower shape.
Here it is:

1. How can I focus on myself not my enemies?
2. What lesson have I had to learn with great difficulty?
3. How can I set boundaries to protect myself from conflict?
4. How can I be more respectful to myself and others?
5. What wisdom can I share from the past to help others and myself?
6. How can I speak the truth with compassion and understanding?
7. How can I grieve what I've lost or whom I've lost with gratitude and honor?

It took much soul searching to make this spread after years of lamenting the past and wanting closure I realized I no longer wanted closure. It most likely won't bring me happiness to bring closure to the past. I'm content with learning from it an moving on to new things.

I will be posting more to this archive as well as UndoneSpirit333 because it's connected to my channel but also, I have more flexibility of what I can post here. I can post any and all things I want.
UndoneSpirit333 is very specific. It's sort of the why and what happened. Sketchwriterjess started out as a blog for art and ended up Spiritual, well now I make Spiritual art, and i will be posting Art here, but it will be tutorial style. I want this to be a learning blog.

As for YouTube, I may bring some of my art tutorials there too. I'm not sure yet.

The comments are still active, but now I moderate them on this blog and my other blog. I was getting too much spam. So now I do that to keep the energy clear. 

If you like what I'm doing here, cool, if not, fine. It's ok to not like something. At least I am not going to take it personally.

But please, no disrespectful comments. I'm not going to tolerate that. I will just not respond most likely so don't waste your time. Constructive criticism however is accepted. Keep in mind, I've got a lot of different challenges I deal with mental health and physical health wise, I'm doing the best I can under the circumstances.

I do hope you like this spread.

Take Care and Blessings.

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