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Some art news here. Jess's art and craft tutorials, and her fellow Artists websites.

Here are links to Creatives I know online:

The links are to my articles about the people I feature, not from the Person's website. There are links to their sites in the articles. 

Sketchwriterjess Tutorials:

Guidelines for usage:

Feel free to make any of the projects for personal use, charity use, and/or professional use, (no mass manufacturing please, small business only.)

If you want to make a tutorial based on her techniques please credit the author and provide a link to the original idea from her exact blog post on your website.

Her sketches, text, and photos may not be used, however you can make your own sketches or use any method to teach the same techniques in your tutorials.

She thanks you in advance for your interest in her process, promotion of the thoughtfully handmade lifestyle and wishes you success in your own handmade ventures.

Jessica B. Hensley of Sketchwriterjess makes tutorials that show techniques to start creatives on their journey and are provided as a service by the Sketchwriterjess blog . She takes some tutorials and makes them into e-books that go further then what can be provided on her blog; for study at home. The e-books are for purchase in her shop. (At some point...)



Abstract Sketch-painting great for beginners

To title or not to title? I usually do, and did for this piece

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