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Journal Paper

Journal Paper

Digital Papers to do journaling of any type by hand. Printable paper that you can print as many times as needed after purchase. Be sure to print them on the Landscape setting. Please make a resonation donation at the prices listed here for journal papers. Please put in which paper you'd like me to send you the download link, or links too in your donation purchase. Thank you.
The Collections go to a folder for you to download all of the files in the collection. The single pages have one link per page that I will send you.

Starfold Collection of Prompt Papers for Journaling:

This collection is inspired by Witchy Moods. These are great for journaling notebook style. Paste them in an existing journal or cut in half sheets and put in a binder. You can even print them front and back and make a sewn or stapled journal that way.

There are samples on this page. Click on the Pictures and they will expand. You can print them out and see if you like the color. They are also a good size for taking notes.

If you enjoy the samples, consider buying whole sheets. The possibilities with these sheets is endless.

Black and White Starfold Prompt Paper

Purple Starfold Prompt Paper


Orange Starfold Prompt Paper

Brown Starfold Prompt Paper

Green Starfold Prompt Paper

Starfold Prompt Paper Collection

Tarot Spread Journal Papers

Boundaries Tarot Reading Spread$3.33

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