The Three part solution to finish projects you start and put aside, for days, months, or even years!

Answer, by beating rejection.

There comes a time when a person lives the handmade life and asks herself “Why am I unable to finish the projects that I start?” 

I can tell you that I can go days, months, and even years before I finish a project. I do finish 1 in 5 projects, and have at least 20 plus to choose from. And that doesn’t include the new projects that I start at least once every 2 weeks.

I sat down with a friend and talked about this very subject with her and then she asked a question:

 What happens when you work on a handmade project?

For me, this is what happens...

- I want to do the project, I’m excited about the project and I go shopping for the items for the project even though I already have the items at home to make the project.

- I start the project, it feels good to work on the project, then the reality sets in on how much work is needed to complete the project. I become overwhelmed, my brain hurts, it fogs up, and goes blank.

- I stop working on the project. I let fear creep in and start thinking there is no audience for what I write about and create arts and crafts about, so I set it aside until I feel like working on it again... in the future.

Then she asked another question:

What other factors are involved in making decisions to work on handmade projects?

I think of these things:

-The joy and challenge of making the project.

-Connecting with other handmade lifestylers and potential customers.

-Potential financial compensation for making the project.

Then she asked one more question:

The one reason why you don’t finish projects is?

I fear being rejected.

I fear rejection more then any other emotion that people can have towards me. Everyone is rejected at some point, though in my life I feel like I have been rejected so much more then other people. The truth is I’ve been rejected as much as I’ve been rejected. I’ve got what I got. I can either let it keep me frozen or I can let it be the mojo I need to finish projects, as if I’m getting back at those who said, “You can’t do this handmade stuff for a living!”....Well...

The fear of being rejected is a roadblock, here’s the three part solution to fix it:

1. Set a deadline to finish your work.

2. Then set a place to show your work on the same day you finish your work.

3. Show your work on the social media platform(s) of choice.

I’ve written in my planning journal these three criteria for five projects ahead. Some are more lifestyle projects and some are actual handmade projects.

My first project to finish for this blog is to complete the Holiday bracelet collection. I have a date set to finish and a place to share my project with the public.

Will anyone look at what I have to offer at my set deadline? I don’t know. One thing I do know is that I love to play with art and craft supplies and I get so much joy from the process of creating and sharing that feeling with others. I feel peaceful...and I know I’m good at it. I’ve been doing art and writing together since I was a child and continue to do it today.

Has this article given you any ideas as to what your roadblocks to finishing your projects may be? I’m interested in listening to what you have to say on this issue and if you have any solutions to this share, write them too.  Everyone who deals with not finishing projects can use a boost from knowing other people go through the same thing as you do.

Take care and Have a good one,


P.S. Well, I changed my mind about the project I was working on, however, I've got plenty more ahead and also unfinished to work on.

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  1. I'm facing this right now. I can't finish anything, and now I can't even start. Pretty bad. Embarrassing. I think your 3 steps might really help. I need to pick a project. Start and complete it and post it for all to see. I think I can do that. Thanks.

  2. Redfred, You're welcome. And just to let you know, it's taken me all month to work on the last part of the Holiday Bracelet Collection. My date to have the post published is 2/27/17. Thank you for being patient and waiting for this next post.


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