Done? Oh No!

Done? Oh No!

Copyright 2017 Jessica B. Hensley

So after you’ve been fired from a job you thought you could count on, what do you do?

First, cry your head off. Rejection hurts.

Second, write in your journal and sketch your jumbled thoughts and emotions on paper. Get it out of your system as soon as possible so the pain feels a little less painful each time you remember what happened.

Third, accept that you are on your own. You will always be self-employed even if you work for someone else. You can not depend on working for someone else to keep you earning money. If you are on disability and are allowed to earn money then this is very important to keep in mind. Give yourself a chance to have some independence even if you are living with your family, your significant other, or on your own.

Fourth, work on a project that you would sell as a self-employed person. If you are an artist, writer, musician or any other creative type of soul, do that. If you start new projects and drop them to finish old projects, then you have more ideas and some finished projects. It’s all right not to finish everything you start. Sometimes it takes awhile to finish something, and sometimes, it’s time to let a project go.

Fifth, share your work with people who like you and your work. And make sure they give you constructive criticism as well as praise on your work. It’s helpful to either find a group of like minded people in your field, or start a group. Being with other people who like you and who you like goes a long way to making the creative journey more joyful. It can be lonely sometimes, if you work from home.

Sixth, open up shop with quality items to sell. Don’t rush this! Start out with something good that is well made, well written, well sung and/or played. People will appreciate your hard work.

Seventh, promote your shop by telling your story and staying on the tight rope of hitting universal points that everyone lives and everything you think or feel is important that you’ve experienced. If you’ve been able to stay strong despite how uncomfortable you are, people want to know how you made mistakes and how you made your way to the place you are now, and would like to come to their own conclusions about how to live without too much editorializing. That’s resonance, a very important connection point for artists and patrons, writer’s and readers, and musicians and listeners.

I hope this helps you on your creative journey to self-employment. I have done all of these things. I even have made sales over the years when I first started working for myself years ago. Crafts, Art, and Writing. I’ve even written songs and people liked the lyrics, have not sold those yet...

The world does not owe you a thing, however if you create, then you make for the world, not just take from the world.

Wishing you good vibes,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Done? Oh No!
Copyright 2017 Jessica B. Hensley


  1. Great advice. Now all I have to do is start finishing things.

  2. Finishing projects takes as long as it takes. Having other projects gives you more opportunities to finish projects.


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