The 5 Step Solution Artists Know About Connecting With People That You May Not

The 5 Step Solution Artists Know About Connecting With People That You May Not

by Jessica B. Hensley

Dear Friends,

Did you know that Artists make art for reasons other then to be famous and become rich? I know you don’t got all day.

To be brief...

Artists are a lot like you. They have to roll out of bed, get dressed, and eat, plus they’ve got places to go, and many put at least 30 hours into their business’ a week.

However, here is something you may not know about Artists who own their own business’ though; they develop good, strong connections not only with other artists, but with their friends from any profession.


Sometimes, artists are caught up in self doubt about their careers, so when they socialize with each other, they may have something in common even though they may not know each other.

Here is the 5 Step Solution to connecting with people like Artists Do:

Step 1: Share your work; tell your friends why you can’t finish it.

Step 2: Ask your friends for comments on how to try to finish your work.

Step 3: Listen to the comments; take them in, then apply the most relevant answers as you work on your project.

Step 4: Finish your work, Show your work and ask your friends to comment on your finished work.

Step 5: Once your friends follow up with you about your work, Repeat the process with your friends next.

Just to give you an idea of how this goes sometimes with my friends, I’ll come up with a hypothetical conversation as to how this works, in fact, to add some flavor to this exchange, I will post a piece of Art that I’m not sure about, it’s not finished yet, that is where you come in later is the dialogue:

“Girl with bird picture” A hypothetical Critique

Step 1: Hi everyone, I’ve got work I want to show you. Here it is.

Step 2. Artist 1: I love it. It’s so sweet.

            Artist 2: It needs something else, perhaps some shading to make                           it stand out.

            Artist 3: What are you trying to do, land yourself in a Fancy Maker                           Magazine?

Step 3: I’m a working. La la laalalalaaaa....yay!...aaaaaah why the fu....dgey shitakemushrooms Mother of Lordons...ok...

Step 4: Hey guys, I’ve finished my work, what do you think?

            Artist 1: Awesome!

            Artist 2: Nice Work!

            Artist 3: Traitor.

Step 5: So, Artists 1 and 2, what are you working on?

Person to Person

Connecting with another person can be complicated, as the Author of this blog, can tell you. Authentic conversation is not easy to come by on the internet or even in real life these days and in a world where if feels like your friends have so many friends, and you may too, deep down you feel isolated and alone.

Does this sound like your life?

Could be so, right?

If your life feels like this, then try these 5 steps to connect with people like Artists do. It could be just what you need to bridge the gap with your buddies who just don’t get you, but love you none the less.

Your friend in the metaverse,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

P.S. from Sketchwriterjess

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