An easy way to laminate paper charms for jewelry. Charmed BE bracelet series.

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If you've already read those, or you just want to view how the charm is made, then keep reading...

I decided since I had to make some tough decisions recently, I thought it best to have something here for you, a sketch showing my process for the charm. I'm adding more pictures today if you have already viewed this article. There will not be a graphic for this piece, just pictures and some words about how I feel about this project.

Here is an explanation and pictures of how the charms for the Charmed BE bracelet are made.

All right, I know it's not easy to see in this sketch, however, I will explain how the lamination process works with simple plastic packing tape and paper colored with colored pencil mediums.

First, the paper is punched out with a die punch that punches circles. The circles are punched diagonally on paper to make use of the paper and not have too much waste. Also, the small holes are punched in each circle to make a place to attach the charm to the jewelry.

Next, The backs of the paper, that has already been colored with colored pencil mediums, is colored again with colored pencil medium with the word chosen and signature of the art chosen to make a signed piece of jewelry.

After that, the circles are laid in tape. One circle is laid in tape and the tape, a packing tape, is folded over it so the whole circle is covered with adhesive and plastic tape. A paper piercer is used to punch a hole in the small hole where the charm will be attached to the jewelry.

Then, a hair-dryer is used to set the tape to become a hard surface, like a laminate. First the hair-dryer blows high, then low, and then cold.

After that the circle is cut from the tape and it is officially laminated.

It is laminated enough that when I wash my hands and water splashes on this charm, it does not damage it. 

People have told me it's stronger the lamination paper they have used on their documents.

I know this isn't much in terms of graphics, however, I feel it's better to show you the process this way. Less clutter, more heart.

There are other ways this laminating process can be used. Rectangle and corner bookmarks. Bracelet cuffs, though, that may take some ingenuity, but I've got something in mind which I will have up next year, also beads can be made. Just punch 2 holes in one piece and you've got a flat link that can be used in a link style necklace.

I'm sure there are even more uses for this technique of lamination. The tape I used is Scotch Brand Heavy Duty Clear Packing Tape.

I will be writing an e-book about this process for purchase, however, I will have one more bracelet presentation that will be a recap of all the steps to how this version of the Charmed BE Bracelet is made. I will also have more about the colored pencil process and assembly line process to make more at a quicker pace.

Have a good one!


P.S. Would appreciate it if you would please Share this presentation. Just think, it includes all the links to how this bracelet is made! You've only got to share this one post.

It would mean so much to me to know that people have another technique to make jewelry that is not only nice looking, it is functional as well.

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