Why I Went Broke While I Was Making Money, Happy Holidays President Trump (Inspirational Infographic Included)

Why I Went Broke While I Was Making Money, Happy Holidays President Trump (An Inspirational Infographic Included),

Dear President Trump,

Money is on Everyone’s mind these days, those on disability due to Mental Illness even more so.

As a Bipolar Disorder I survivor, I can attest to how creating coping skills, both healthy and unhealthy, helped me understand why I’m in a vicious cycle of being blocked when it comes to dealing with life.

Any same person can tell you to “Suck it up, deal with it!”

However, as someone who has been through her own special Hell, I can tell you with accuracy that you can’t “make a deal” with illness.

You can convince yourself all you want that “If I do this, I’ll get that.”

That’s not how Mental Illness works.

There is no guarantee that you will get anything you’ve worked for or wanted for so long, from when you were a child or new adult.

The only thing I am sure of is that I will not give up on making living with Bipolar Disorder I more tolerable for myself and anyone else who has it worse then me.

Why I went Broke While I Was Making Money (Infographic Below):

I realize actions and pictures can speak 1,000 words more then I alone can.

I also realize I can’t win at life if I don’t have the tools to survive.

Currently, I am on SSI, also known as Social Security Supplemental Income.

I am allowed to work and earn up to a certain amount, while I get the medication I need to survive.

I’m not the only one out there who can work, yet can not work within the rules set forth by society.

Nor am I the only one who knows the rules of life don’t apply to her like it does to many people she knows in her life without a mental illness.

I know this bothers many people.

I know it’s unbelievable that pills prescribed for mental illness, Mood Stabilizers, Antidepressants, and Antipsychotics correct how the brain works instead of alter it, like Opiates can.

There are many things people don’t know about mental illness and since its different for every person diagnosed, I am unable to speak for anyone else as to why they have been diagnosed, though I have met other people with my condition and here is something that happens for many people with Bipolar Disorder I:

“I worked off and on for 6 years at different jobs and the longest one I held was 9 months. Many jobs I let my anger out on the manager or on other coworkers, or worse on customers when I worked retail.” –the author of this article

A person in my situation may have the skills to work a normal job, however, we get overwhelmed and stressed by so many things, anything can set us off.

True, at the time, I did not take medication, I wasn’t diagnosed.

However, I know now that owning my own business is the only way I will be able to have any shot at making my life better.

Working another job with and for other people will not only be hard for me, it will be tough for all my coworkers due to my anger issues.

The Infographic provided above explains how people in my situation are able to “make it work”.

We may not be able to “Make Our Life Great Again.”, though for me life wasn’t so much great before I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I as I had very bright memorable highs and very dark lows. 

I'm more stable now. 

I don't have the major mood swings I used to have and to be honest, I do miss the energy I had before I was diagnosed. 

The medications I take for my mental illness also made my body more susceptible to Diabetes, High Cholesterol, and Hypothyroid Conditions, which I've had since a year after I started taking them when I was diagnosed.

If you liked the Infographic above, I’ve got the words in this article here to sum up how I meet life eye to eye despite the difficulties I’ve had living:

1. You win some.

2. You lose many many times before you win.

3. There’s no do without trying.

Though my past haunts me as I make my way through a world where the rules don’t apply to me, I realize other rules do and so I am able be good to my family, friends, strangers, authority figures, and myself.

I wish You and Yours Happy Holidays,


Jessica B. Hensley

Author of the Sketchwriterjess Blog and owner of JBHensleySWJ Shop

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