A Sense of Place: Twin Flame Union Tarot Reading

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A Sense of Place: Twin Flame Union Tarot Reading

I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the masculine: With the Nine of Wands, Seven of Swords, and Two of Cups Reversed, key words are, delay, suspension, attempt, wish, hope, misunderstanding, and madness.

For the feminine: With The Sun, Knight of Cups, and Two of Pentacles, Key words and phrases are, contentment, good marriage, proposition, agitation and trying to balance career and love.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Nine of Pentacles Reversed the key words are fickle, deception, and unreliable. Represented by the Ace of Pentacles Reversed, key words for the man are no common sense. Represented by The Hierophant, key words for the woman are doing the right thing, mercy, servitude.

For the writing prompts oracles are “I heart you” and “You know what to do”: Key phrases are, know how much you are loved and go with your heart and intuition, don’t over think the situation.

Before the Union

In his past he put off dealing with women in a good way, and instead he didn’t take into account his woman’s feelings when it came to working on problems that came up. He attempted and hoped things would work out the way he wanted them to by showing off his fighting skills...or more like being abusive. He often misinterpreted his woman’s words and took them personally. He is afraid of commitment.

In her past she was married. In her present she could still be. She has propositioned men who crossed her path before and it is no different now. Perhaps she feels her marriage is lacking something. She wants to balance her career and marriage. Her husband could give her so much love he is smothering her.

Upon Meeting Each Other

What the man needs to work on is that he currently has no common sense when it comes to dealing with women. He could be immature. He may have anger issues. He needs to channel that anger into something productive and through doing that he could learn some common sense when it comes to nurturing his woman, and the mission.

What the woman needs to work on is she may have to learn to do the right thing when it comes to love. She needs to be honest with her husband about why she wants to leave him and when she does leave him she must realize that her man, her twin flame, is sensitive as well. She must show him mercy when he tries to do the right thing and correct him gently. In doing so they will be able to work on their mission together more smoothly.

In Union

They could end up unfaithful to each other if they allow their words and actions to agitate each other. This is a true star-crossed match. They are both wavering when it comes to faith in relationships. Perhaps their mission requires they become faithful to each other and that they bring that energy into their mission.

They must each tell each other how much they love each other everyday so they can work together to complete their mission. They must not get caught up in how or why they do something, but what they do and when they show up to do it. All in accordance with the universe.

Final words

He had no sense

of place.

He never felt

at home

with any woman

he’d ever

been with.

Though she

was content in her marriage

she knew it

couldn’t last

as she felt

there was

something that

would satisfy

her want for

a good argument

once in awhile.

They come from

murky places

and need to


the crumbles

of their

own pain points

to make things

work as needed.

Perhaps those two need to talk dirty to each other as they are fumbling when they undress collapsing into each other's arms, ready to face the day as a faithful couple.

The Beginning

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