Honesty Takes Hold: A Twin Flame Tarot Reading

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I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the Masculine: With the Three of Wands, Ace of Wands, and Knight of Pentacles, Key words and phrases are effort, credibility, sending messages, creation, intention, money, birth, responsibility, decency, and honesty.

For the Feminine: With the Eight of Cups Reversed, Ten of Cups Reversed and Eight of Swords Key words and phrases are great joy, feasting, false heart, irritation, hurt pride, crisis, conflict and embarrassment.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Five of Cups Reversed, keywords, and phrases are return, alliances, and false projects. With the Four of Pentacles for the man, key words and phrases are possessiveness, owning possessions, gifts. With the Knight of Wands for the woman, key words and phrases are departure, flight, and change of residence.

For the writing prompts oracles “Pucker up Buttercup” and “You Have More Options than You Realize.” Key phrases are, being kind makes you a love magnet, and if you’re angry, think of all the reasons you love them.

Before the Union

In the past, the man made lots of effort to make sure he backed up his words by walking the talk he gave to people. He may have been a motivational speaker.

In the past, the woman found great joy in eating; perhaps she was a food critic.

Upon Meeting Each Other

The man creates his own wealth. In relationships he is devoted to women he loves and see’s the unborn children in their eyes.

The woman has been hurt in the past by men who stopped communication with her and never spoke to her again. She didn’t realize how sharp her words were.

In Union

The man is honest, perhaps to a fault. As a motivational speaker his words move people to do what they need to for their lives to create wealth. He feels he has earned his way to being a good role-model and expects that his woman will be at his beck and call. He is possessive and his career is who he is.

The woman often causes friction as a food writer. Too many bad reviews have left her in a place of feeling like she is difficult to please. She feels like she wants to run away from the conflicts she causes with her brutal honesty.

There is an undercurrent of this couple not following through on the projects for their mission. In order to make this work they need to acknowledge that they both have gifts in using words to move people. They need to work together on their mission as friends before any romantic love can happen. However love that is unconditional can add to the meanings of their projects for their mission.

Final words

He built his

wealth with

the gift of gab

and the ability

to show people

how they can

use their gifts

to get rich.

She built her

reputation as

a foodie with

A forked tongue.

Though she lived


with her income,

she became


to other people.

They mirror each

other in how they

motivate people.

She is critical

as he is motivational.

They both need to

balance their gifts

and find the right

blend of tough love

to deliver to the


These two are both hard to please in life. In the bedroom, perhaps they need to give each other massages to be more receptive to giving and receiving of love between the sheets.

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