Using Tarot for Creative Writing: A Man Alone With His Thoughts

Using Tarot for Creative Writing: A Man Alone With His Thoughts

The Tarot Deck can be used to not only gain insight on a situation on your mind, Tarot can also be used to gain inspiration for you next piece of writing. 

Here I have used the Rider Tarot Deck for a Divine Inspiration Reading.

The Reading has four cards. The spread starts reading from the Right, then Left, then Center, and then the Theme card from at the Top that is on the bottom of the deck.

Here are the meanings of the cards from the Rider Tarot Deck Guide Book:

The Divine Inspiration is Love in General

The Hermit Up: Alone, single man, on thin ice, prudence

The Page of Wands Reversed: Indecision, Instability

The Five of Cups Up: Loss, bitter, mourning

The Tower Reversed: Discomfort, depression

Here is the poem and a writing prompt that have emerged from this Tarot Spread Reading:

A Haiku poem by sketchwriterjess:

On thin ice he feels

alone, bitter, and loses

his indecision

A Writing Prompt by sketchwriterjess:

A man has lost a person dear to him. The person is someone whom he spent a lot of time with. A person who made him feel wanted and cared for. He doesn’t know if he will ever find anyone who will make him feel the same way again. He makes a decision to love someone new.

I have made a large Guide book for my Tarot Deck. I take the meanings included with the deck and start to make my own decisions as to what to keep and what to leave behind in definition. I also look at the picture on the card and write in detail about what is going on in the imagery.

Then I do a Tarot Spread. Before getting started it’s good to clear the energy of the last reading done. Knock three times on top of the deck. Then do the spread.

Shuffle the cards. Cut the Deck. Ask for divine inspiration on your subject of choice. I chose love, a general reading.

Then I wrote my Haiku poem a few times. Don’t rush this process. Sometimes it will come quick. Other times it could take longer. I try not to take longer then an hour though, just to keep things fresh.

The poem I write by hand. The writing prompt I write through my keyboard. There is something fluid about prose coming out on a keyboard onto the screen that I like to keep for writing a narrative piece. Perhaps some prose poetry.

I guess it can be seen as a Channeled Message. I’ve discovered that I have intuition when it comes to collectives of people who have similar feelings about life. There are pockets of people this reading will resonate with. And there are people who will not resonate with this. That’s all right. The more specific an audience is to an author, the better connected her writing will be to her readers.

I hope this message resonates with you. Please share this blog post if you feel it does. The more people who see it, the more people it will inspire to write their best work.

Jess aka sketchwriterjess

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