Authortube Newbie Tag, Jessica Hensley, formerly Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess

Hi everyone,

If you tried looking me up on YouTube as Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess, I had to change my name back, so I'm sorry if you couldn't find me. There were some business things I didn't consider when I changed it so I figured it would be better to go back to my name.

Yes there are a lot of Jessica Hensley's on YouTube, however, I am an individual as are they and I'm sure we all offer the best content we can come up with so it is fine.

Anyways, this video has the AuthorTube Newbie Tag. This Tag means that there are questions about the Author experience such as what I write and how I'm published. It's a questionaire that new Authortubers like to share and answer to let people know what they do in writing.

Please watch this to see how my direction for my art and writing has changed from what I used to do.

I do plan on having some craft projects still. I owe you guys some that I started like the key fob bracelet. I also want to put in some hat patterns too.

I am still planning to sell some hats as well. However, my main focus is my Tarot Readings. I feel like spirit has pulled me to a place of knowing that opening the soul is the best way to allow light in and to let it shine out. I feel like since I put myself out there to all the groups I joined, all the bars I went to, even contacting my spirit guide. I have learned this very important lesson and now I share it with you through my readings.

Though my readings are general, they may feel specific to you at the time you watch them. Life changes everyday. One day you could be single. They next day you could be in a relationship. Or it could be the other way around.

Time is fluid. And time is an illusion we box ourselves into as our minds have a hard time processing energy and how it works.

My goal on this site is to provide content that allows you to open your soul by learning to put yourself out there with boundaries. People will respect you if you have boundaries. Those who are upset with you having boundaries are not your souls to connect with.

It's scary to put myself out there again and again. But I do so knowing I always have spirit to back me up.

My spirit Guide Lauren, my ancestors, and the angels I call on when I do my readings and channeled messages let me know everyday how much I am loved and also let me know to tell you, you are loved by your soul family as well.

We all have a soul family. Whether we pick our family or choose to continue to be with our birth family, we have the opportunity now more then ever to connect with people who love to send positive energy to one another.

My goal is to help you tap into spirit and give you the gumption to put yourself out there. You can't live life holed up in your home waiting for people to come in and rescue you. You must go out into the world no matter how afraid you feel.

I hope that my new direction in art and writing helps you on your path to feeling better about life.


Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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See ya' on the small screen!

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