Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading: How Do I Release Him? 7.24.19

Hi everyone,

This is a pick a card reading done on 7/24/19. The date is just a reference. This reading works anytime you watch it. All in divine timing.

The spread is based on my balance check spread with a little extra. When Major Arcana Cards come up, Clarifiers are used to add more information to the reading. I pull until a number card comes up.

There is Emotion, Logic, Intuition, and Family Wisdom all taken in when the question of "How can I release him?" Is asked.

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Watch the video or scroll on to read the writing I've done. Watch the video if you want to hear the wrap up for each one.

Pick a card pile to reveal the how you need to release your man.

Pile 1, 2, 3 left to right.

Go ahead. Pick your pile. 😎

Pile 1

Cards for Emotion: The Moon Reversed, Justice, The Lovers, the Six of Swords reversed.

Cards for Logic: Prince of Cups and Four of Swords.

Cards for Intuition: Prince of Wands, King of Cups, and Ace of Wands.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "I go where you go."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says the man on your mind that you want to let go has been silent and inconsistent with showing how he feels about you.

You want to show him you are worthy of him as you notice the beauty in love since he has counted you out. You have been trying to get back with him by telling anyone who will listen how much you love him.

Logic says to reflect on the relationship in meditation. To leave him alone and spend time away from him to focus on something that has nothing to do with him.

Intuition says you know if you follow your creativity in business you will get good news from responsible sources validating your work.

Family Wisdom says "Saying good-bye to a lover makes you love better cause practice makes better."

Wrap Up:

In the meantime, a good career for you could be song writing. Want to hear more? Watch the video, it's sweet!

Pile 2

Cards for Emotion: The Five of Cups.

Cards for Logic: The Hanged Man and Six of Cups.

Cards for Intuition: The Devil Reversed and The Ace of Pentacles Reversed.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "Give yourself much more credit."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says The man on your mind has left you and you may feel bitter about it.

Logic says that even though you had some happy times with this person you sacrificed so much energy to the point of thinking love isn't worth trying for.

Intuition says your bitterness and pettiness can keep you in a space of weakness so you'll be kept from earning your way with whatever you choose careerwise.

Family wisdom says "You're doing the best you can in this moment. Hold on the best you gave in this relationship. You're fine."

Wrap up:

In the meantime a good career for you is Knitting. Do you want to hear more? Watch the video. It's cute!

Pile 3

Cards for Emotion: Seven of Cups reversed.

Cards for Logic: The Magician, Temperance, Princess of Cups reversed, and Two of Cups reversed.

Cards for Intuition: Eight of Wands reversed.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "You have more options than you realize."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says the man on your mind has got determination and tenacity. You desire him because of his nature.

Logic says you need to use your best words when dealing with him. Use your judgement in how you choose to let him go.

You're choosing to let him go because of too many misunderstandings between you when it comes to him and how he feels about you. Is the relationship casual or is it more? Since it's not what you want you're letting it go.

Intuition says you may feel upset with him for not giving you what you needed most. Don't beat yourself up for being clear about your feelings about him.

Family wisdom says: "Though you are angry with him, soften your anger with the goodness you found in him. You will always love him for his kind nature."

Wrap up:

In the meantime a good career for you is Bartender. Want to hear more?Watch the video, it's hilarious!

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Good Luck.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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