Knitting, Left-Handedness, and Reading Loveswept Romances

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been knitting hats and reading Loveswept Romances from the 1990s. The one I’m reading now is Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown. Originally written in 1983, this book stands the test of time. I’ve only got about 20 pages left. In the next Mental Health Check-in on my channel, Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess, I will tell you how good or disappointing it is, but so far its given me plenty of chills in a good way.

Also my hat is knitted with Malabrigo Yarns, One sport weight and one sock weight held together. The two colors are Dos Tierras and Mechita respectively. I also used Knitter’s Pride size 8 Double Pointed Needles five set. I used all five for this hat as it had an even number of stiches.

I’ve enjoyed knitting my hats that I wear on my YouTube films. Knitting helps to calm me down. It also helps with my Correct Handedness. I realized I was really left-handed only a couple of years ago and I have more strength in my left hand then I used to. However I still have more strength left to go. I like Crochet as well, but I only use one hand to stitch for that.

Ever since I found my true handedness, my personality has done a 180 degree turn. I’ve been a lot kinder and more helpful to my family since I’m not frustrated anymore. No wonder why I was angry all the time, I was using the wrong hand to do everything.

I’ve still got Bipolar Disorder Type I though. I have to be honest, I was hoping it would go away, but it’s still here. I will have it for the rest of my life. I take medication and though it helps with my brain, it causes weight gain.

Recently I started seeing a Nutritionist and that has helped me lose 6 of the pounds I gained when I first started taking medicine for my mental health needs. I’m happy that I can knit to stop myself from snacking all day. It also gives me some confidence as people have been complimenting me on my hats. I have had inquires to make some too, though I won’t be putting them in the shop until August when I have the right price to charge.

Right now I’m just forming the pattern so it will take some time to get it where I can charge a fair price. My hats are handmade by me and only me so they will cost more then the standard hat you’d buy at a big box store. Think more like Department Store pricing, as they are handmade with lots of time and love. I also would like to make some in acrylic. I use Red Heart for those. I’m not a yarn snob. I do wash and treat them a certain way to make them wear like Iron. I charge less for those; however they still will be more like Department Store pricing.

And last, I will have a pattern for these hats which will be released at the same time as I put the hats in the shop.

If you want to learn more about the books I’m reading now and see more of my hats, watch my YouTube video at this link: Knitting, Books, and Virginity at 40

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See ya’ on the Small Screen,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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