New Moon In Virgo Tarot Reading 8.30.19, A Video

Hi everyone,

I've made a video for the New Moon in Virgo which starts later this morning. This video is for all Astrology Signs. Intentions to Set for the New Moon are discussed.

This video is an hour long, but you can skip the intro and go to time stamp 15:47 to go straight to the reading. However I do have a message for couples during the Intro so if you want to know what it is then I suggest you watch the Intro too.

This Tarot Reading has an Introduction, a Card Reveal, A Reading of the Cards, and a Wrap up Forecast for the next Moon phase ahead.

I hope you enjoy this reading as much as I enjoyed doing it for you.

Also, I am a practicing Witch. I practice Magick by sending blessings through my own spells for all my readings from this day forward. My psychic abilities are fully awake now as I have given up drinking alcohol which takes me farther away from spirit. I have embraced my Witchness.

If you like the video like it. If you dislike it, go ahead and dislike it however please be respectful when leaving comments. If you want to see more of these videos, hit subscribe on my YouTube Page.

Thanks for reading and viewing.


Jess aka Sketchwriterjess (In the process of making Tarot Cards so yes I do sketch still. ; ). )

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