Coming up with Ideas, Tarot Reading 9.29.19

This Tarot Reading is good for anyone nervous about coming up with ideas for projects they will share with people.

Coming up with Ideas, Tarot Reading 9.29.19

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Now onto the reading...

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe Oracle

Crystals Used: Tiger’s Eye (Innovation), Citrine (Creativity)

I asked Spirit about how Libra entering the Moon influences us in coming up with ideas. I asked for a one card pull of each deck I use to answer the question.

The Six of Wands is in the Reverse. The crystals fell on the Six of Wands the most, plus one, a Citrine, went onto the “I heart you” card. The Tiger’s Eye, my choice for the new Moon influence, fell on the guy’s foot.

When upright, The Six of Wands is all about love and adoration, the short-lived fame of a job well done. However in reverse, there could be rattled nerves of taking the first step to coming up with an idea for a project.

It could be that what’s keeping someone who wants to come up with an idea for a project is being afraid no one will love what they are going to come up with.

The “I heart you” card reminds us that the world is full of love if we understand it is and it is full of hate if that is all we choose to focus on.

Knowing that love surrounds us, bring ideas into the world trusting someone will love your idea, somewhere.

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Take Care and Blessings.

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