Project Management Tips Tarot Reading: Waxing Moon in Capricorn, then Aquarius 10.8.19

This is a good tarot spread for anyone who is looking for tips on managing the actions on a project.

Before we get started, may I invite you to read the Waxing Moon in Capricorn Tarot Reading before you read this post? 

This reading is good on it’s own however. No worries.

On to the Reading... 

Project Management Tips Tarot Reading: Waxing Moon in Capricorn, then Aquarius 10.8.19 

Decks used: The Spirit Within Tarot and Keepers of the Light

Crystals Used: Citrine (Creativity)

This reading uses two cards from the Tarot deck, and one from the oracle deck to give us project management tips from the moon that left Capricorn (energy still hanging around) and entered Aquarius. I also use crystals to show what parts of a lesson we need to learn from the cards. Sometimes, like here, all the crystals fell on one card so that is the most relevant card in this reading. 

The Moon leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius reminds us of lessons we need to learn from other people in our lives. Sometimes it’s not just about us; however that can be beneficial to us.

The Citrine Crystals fell on the Hierophant card. There is a teacher and two students. In the Spirit Within Tarot, this card shows a class in session. All three people are important. Without the teacher, there would be no learning. Without the Students, there would be nothing to teach. The Teachers and Students work together to learn and teach each other.

One crystal is pointing towards the Keeper of the Light, Melchizedek, who brings higher learning to those willing to be open to teaching. This emphasizes the importance of the teacher student relationship in business as well as life.

The other Tarot Card, Temperance, further symbolizes teachers and students becoming equals. Teachers and students communicate with each other to get the lesson done.

Tips for project management:

-Brainstorming could be the best option for beginning the project. People can bounce ideas off each other in a relaxed way where everyone is equal.

-However, before brainstorming, teach people about what your project needs to take shape. Then give everyone a chance to speak up on what to do to keep the project on track.

-Breaking one idea into tasks, i.e. actions to take so everyone can do their part will make the project simpler to complete.

These are a few tips to make a project flow smoother to reach the launching pad.

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Take Care and Blessings.

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