Timeless Twin Flame Reading done for Taurus Full Moon 2019

New Video on the the Jessica Hensley YouTube Channel, well, a Jessica Hensley ; ), but you'll recognize my new avatar picture:

Twin Flame Reading for Taurus Full Moon 2019.

This Tarot reading is about the Twin Flame Journey. Coping skills are discussed to deal with this spiritual matter. I call it a spiritual matter because it is like nothing I've ever been through. I see the worst and the best in myself as a result of meeting who I believe to be my Twin Flame. If you aren't in a Twin Flame state of mind, you can still get good relationship advice from this reading.

I use Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards for the Reading. The Tarot Cards are modern style and the oracle cards contain angel messages and ascended master messages. There are seven cards per reading and they are all stood against a row of books.

There are two piles of cards to choose from. There's a 19 minute introduction for you to meditate on the pile you want to choose. This is a new format. I've made it easier to see the cards and I believe it helped me bring through clearer messages.

I explain in the wrap up why I've changed to this format. The time stamps for the reading are in the description box for the youtube video.

Pile 1 is longer then Pile 2 however they both contain direct messages. Choose one or both if you feel called to do so.

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Take Care and Blessings,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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