Soulmate Love Pick a Card Tarot Reading for 11.18.19

Soulmate Love Pick a Card Tarot Reading for 11.18.19

May the center Citrine Crystal serve as a reminder of the veil between the spirit world and the Earth plane as you choose which pile best suits your love situation. This is a general reading. Please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Decks used are Notes from the Universe, The Cosmic Tarot, and The Square Deal Playing Cards. Books Used are Baby Names From Around the World and The Oxford Minireference Dictionary Thesaurus. There is not only Tarot in this reading, there is bibliomancy as well.

Pick "The Fool" Represented by Baby Names From Around the World by Maxine Fields. The Message "I Heart You" from the Notes from the Universe Oracle Deck and Clear Quartz plus a Pale Orange Citrine Crystal. It is the leap of faith.

or pick "The World" represented by The Oxford Minireference Dictionary Thesaurus. The Message "See me... in their eyes" from the Notes from the Universe Oracle Deck and Smoky Quartz plus an Orange Citrine Crystal.  It is depth of experience.

If you are having a hard time choosing, relationship status could also be a way to choose:

"The Fool" is for those wishing to be in a relationship or are just entering a relationship.

"The World" is for those in a love relationship.

Once you have picked your pile scroll down to read the rest of the post.

Pile 1

Baby Names From the World: page 136, Christel (Scottish) Christine, Cristian (French Latin) Kristel -Clear Jewel K Name.

Energy Number 1 + 3 + 6 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1  Self-Empowerment

Notes From the Universe: I Heart You: Skyscrapers, as high a love as you can get.

The Cosmic Tarot 1: Six of Swords: Air Sign energy, Masculine, Dancing. Male

The Cosmic Tarot 2: The Hermit: Jupiter, Sun energy. Self, Alone not Lonely. Masculine, Female

Square Deal Deck 1: 7 of Hearts (Cups): Memories of victories, things that came to you easily. Luck. Big Dreams.

Square Deal Deck 2: 5 of Hearts (Cups) Reversed: Celebrating Life Taking comfort in safety.

Square Deal Deck 3: 10 of Clubs (Wands): Release of burdens. No longer feeling alone.

Crystals: Clear Quartz and Citrine, Look Forward to Celebration

Channeled Messages

-Center yourself through prayer.
-Embrace the dancer within
-Take comfort in knowing you are loved.

Your love for yourself comes from a deep feeling of feeling God's love. For whomever this message is for, you may be Christian. You are content alone. You feel no rush to get into a relationship. You are right where you want to be.

Only advice I have is get out there and meet people even if you like to spend the majority of your time alone. Doing this will help you find someone who matches your energy. Perhaps meeting people at a Church function would be good for you or even a Christian Music Concert.

Take Care and Blessings.

Pile 2

Oxford Minireference Dictionary Thesaurus: page 248, full, packed, crammed; holding or having as much as possible.

Energy Number 2 + 4 + 8 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5  Change

Notes From the Universe: See Me...In Their Eyes: Trees make such a difference.

The Cosmic Tarot 1: Princess of Swords Reversed: Air Sign energy, Masculine, Intense. Male or Female

The Cosmic Tarot 2: Two of Swords: Libra, Masculine Personality, Feminine. Wishing things were different.  Female

Square Deal Deck 1: 7 of Diamonds (Pentacles): Sewing Seeds, Birth of a Child

Square Deal Deck 2: 5 of Spades (Swords) Ego, smug.

Square Deal Deck 3: Jack of Clubs (Knight of Wands): Fleeting Energy, not sure which way to go.

Crystals: Smoky Quartz and Citrine, To make things different, seperate from one another.

Channeled Messages

- Do not hold on too tight to your soulmate.
-Sit by a tree, feel it's grounding energy before making a decision about your relationship.
-Difference comes from time spent alone.

You could be holding on very tight to someone because you want to have a baby. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Don't hold on too tight because you could drive your partner away.

There could be some friction between you two as you are both similar in nature. You are both air sign energy people so you both are direct and sharp when things don't go your way and you say things you wish you could take back. Both of you need work on communicating without taking your anger out on each other.

Think of a tree. It's big and it protects people and animals from the Sun. You need to protect each other before you think of bringing another life into this world.

Take Care and Blessings.

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