Love Attraction Reading, Let it be (Pick a Pile Tarot Reading)

Love Attraction Reading, Let it be (Pick a Pile Tarot Reading)

Theme: Let him or her be, let yourself become. 

This reading is for people who are looking to attract love into their life. If you want to find out what patterns in love hold you back from attracting the love you desire and what you can do to change them, then this reading is for you.

You have a choice of three piles:

Pile 1 on the left with the white shell on blue and peach background.

Pile 2 in the middle with the brown shell on purple background.

Pile 3, right with the gray shell on red and pink background.

Read on to find out what your pile says.

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Let's Get Started! 

Decks used:

Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

Morgan Greer Tarot

Crystal Message: Rose Quartz

You have a choice of three piles:

Pile 1 on the left with the white shell on blue and peach background.

Pile 2 in the middle with the brown shell on purple background.

Pile 3, right with the gray shell on red and pink background.

Your choice is revealed below:

Pile 1, left (white shell on blue and peach background)

You may be someone who has your own ideas of what love is. You are not swayed by what other people tell you it is. This may serve you when it comes to attracting love.

With the Magician in reverse, you may be someone who goes with their gut when it comes to taking a chance on love. 

With the Ten of Rods(Wands) you may feel comfortable in carrying burdens, you see it as progress to hold on to your ideas on love, respect, and friendship.

With Strength, you could be feeling like you gain strength by holding on to your idea of love, you see loving a person means taming someone with your comforting personality. 

With the Two of Swords in reverse, you may gain clarity on why you attract people who want to possess you. This could be something you want to keep going with as you enjoy the depth of love that is strong.

"You might not know now, but you will." The line that stands out is, "...soak yourself in my love". You see your person as one to give you Strength, that when they do so they are giving you all you need to feel like you have attracted something wonderful.

Crystal Message

 " A person loves like an ocean when he/she is kept free, do not smother him/her, do not expect him/her to envelop you in their problems. You are an emotional juggernaut, use it to fuel the love you have for yourself." Deceased spirit people talk of but no one knows.

Love and Blessings

Pile 2, middle (brown shell on purple background)

You may be feeling like you want a traditional marriage but in your heart just want a fling. You're tempted to break with tradition, perhaps passed on through family and just follow your burning passion.

With the Hierophant, the idea of marriage is weighing on you. You feel you must get married in order to experience love.

However with the page of Rods(Wands), you may have an undeveloped idea of what marriage takes to make happen. 

With the Star in reverse, if you get married too soon, you may be disappointed in how things turn out.

With the Four of Swords, you may end up exhausted from not knowing what to give to someone if you love them and they love you back.

"There's a deeper reason for each of your 'questions'. Seek it." The line that sticks out is "The question was: What to give others, if anything at all."

You may feel like you are clouded by what people tell you to give someone. Sometimes you need to allow someone to give to you without you controlling how they love you.

Crystal Message

"Don't feel the need to control how someone loves you, that is of course if they respect you. Just because you are married doesn't mean they can hurt you to show they "love" you. That is wrong. I know from experience. There is no rush to get married. There is no rush to fall in love. Protect yourself no matter how you love someone."deceased grandmother spirit

Love and Blessings

Pile 3, right (gray shell on red and pink background)

You may feel like you haven't experienced life to its fullest. You may feel left out in the cold because your friends seem to have it all together, including love and relationships and even love for themselves. You may feel lacking in this respect.

With the World in Reverse, you feel stuck in your current life circumstances. The world may be passing you by.

With the Five of Pentacles, you would like help to have the life you've always wanted. Love does play into this for you, however career may also be on your mind.

With the Hanged Man, you could be thinking about all the things you want to happen in your life. You're thinking you have gained wisdom from all of your failed attempts at love.

With the five of cups, you may not be focusing on what you currently have that's going well for you. Instead you carry the torch of the one who is always going to be cursed with never having the love you want and you don't know why but at least you know more about love with each attempt.

"Dwell on what you love." The line that sticks out is "asking someone to change is like pruning a tree; neither will ever be the same again."

You may put conditions on the people you've had relationships with. You may have not acknowledged what he or she did that was right and instead focussed all your attention on what he or she did wrong. As you know, you have made your share of mistakes as well, but somehow you tend to think that once people build a relationship, things will change for the best and always stay the same as they were when you both met.

Crystal Message 

"The ocean is big, it swallows people up, just like love can do. And yet there are shimmers on the water from the sunset that show the true beauty of where we are and where we have been. It is up to all of us to be thankful we have each other to learn from and love. Count your blessings, all of them!"deceased grandfather spirit 

Love and Blessings

May you attract the love you deserve! See you soon!

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