Gemini Moon Semisextile Cancer Sun 2020 (Moon Astrology, Pick a Pile Reading, Opportunities)

Gemini Moon Semisextile Cancer Sun 2020(Moon Astrology, Pick a Pile Reading, Opportunities) 

This reading is a little different, I thought by choosing a pile you would get something more custom to you. 

This set of readings mainly deals with opportunities, whether you search for them or let them come to you, any way you acknowledge opportunities is another successful day.

Pick a Pile from the choices listed here:

 Pile 1 on the Left with the Olive Green Jade and Light Blue Background Card.

Pile 2 in the Middle with the Green Jade and the Black background Card.

Pile 3 on the right with the white jade with a touch of green and the Gray Background Card.

Read on for the General Energy of this Moon and the Custom Piles of your choice.

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Let's get started!

Decks used 

Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray

Mystic Mondays Tarot by Grace Duong

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Crystal Message: Amethyst

Ring: Contains Hematite 

Astrological Influence Cards:

XIX. The Sun Reversed, represents the Sun

Three of Cups, represents Cancer Sun in the second decan

Princess of Cups, represents the Aspect Semisextile

Nine of Swords, represents Gemini Moon in the second decan

II. The High Priestess, represents the Moon.

General astrological energy

The Sun is reversed and the Moon is upright. There could be a feeling of wanting to shrink into the background. 

While Cancer Sun, the Three of Cups, is in the process of giving people a feeling of wanting to open up to other people, The Gemini Moon Nine of Swords has people feeling like they are nervous to make a move to meet people

The aspect between Moon and Sun is the semisextile which is a 30 degree aspect that is slightly favorable so people may not need to worry about how their words will affect people as long as they respect who they are talking too.

Pile 1

With Oracle Card, Loved One in Heaven, it reminds you to "Thank your loved ones in Heaven for drawing close at this time" In the meaning book this line stands out "the energy of a loved one wants to help you move forward in a loving and safe way." You could feel like staying back in the corner as your friends live it up. Perhaps your intuition is telling you who is a good group of people to spend your time knowing.

With Tarot Card, XVIII. The Moon is Pisces Energy. There could be a feeling of being adrift. However not directionless, more like knowing where you need to go but not sure how you'll get there. 

With Playing Card, Two of Diamonds, diamonds being Pentacles, there is Earth Energy here, specifically Capricorn. You could be unsure of how to get started in a career you want to do. Perhaps you need school to get started and you don't know which one to go to. Or, you've got to make a choice between two schools to study from.

Crystal Message

"Take time with learning. There is plenty of time to work, however pleasure goes by the wayside if you don't make time for it. Be sure to make time for making friends."-deceased Grandmother Spirit

Astrological Wisdom

No matter what sign you are, if this resonated with you, use your intuition to figure out who to make time to talk to and also use it to help you figure out what education program you would like to study. Then use your ability to study and work to get the career of your choice.

Love and Blessings

Pile 2

With Oracle Card, New Beginning, it reminds you to "Thank your Angels for opening up the doors to change, as you are ready" in the meaning book, the line that stands out is, "a new opportunity will be coming your way and your Angels are helping you ( to walk through the door)"

With Tarot Card, XVII. The Star in reverse you could be feeling like you just lost an opportunity. This is Aquarius energy so this could be something to do with communication and friendship.

With Playing Card, Ace of Hearts, that is Cups, Which is North Node energy, losing this opportunity hurts because now it truly feels far away. The North Node is all about what you are meant to accomplish in your life. The Cups are also Water Energy, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio so intuition is needed in any situation regarding communication.

Crystal Message

"New opportunities arrive everyday. They come to you if you sit and stare at the wall long enough. Something will pop out at you. Go with that idea, talk to that person you are thinking about. Don't hold back. Hope is everlasting"-a deceased writer spirit.

Astrological Wisdom

Your North Node will help you find out what your Hidden Talents are. Once you know what your talent is, look for opportunities that will point you in the direction your heart wants to go in. For some of you an opportunity will come through talking to a person.

Love and Blessings

Pile 3

With Oracle Card, Open Your Heart, Archangel Chamuel, he says "Please call on me for removing the barriers around your heart" , in the meaning book the line that stands out is, "you are an old romantic at heart and it is the small things that count to you" You enjoy comfort, perhaps hugs are the most comforting thing to you.

With Tarot Card, XVI. The Tower, you could be going through a shake up right now, the Tower is Mars Energy. Perhaps you no longer find joy in making love. Or your person may have left you. Either way it hurts.

With Playing Card, the Ten of Hearts, that is Cups, is Pisces energy. You could be missing out on what you can learn from the relationship by only focusing on what you have lost. You were able to get to know someone's heart. That alone is worth keeping alive in your soul.

Crystal Message

 "Your heart feels heavy. Let me lift the burdens from your shoulders and change them into a waterfall of love to wash away any bitterness you feel from this relationship that has ended."-Archangel Chamuel

Astrological Wisdom

Pisces is a sign of undoing. Mars energy can also be destructive. These two together can feel painful, however each feeling of destruction can lead to transformation of the heart and the spirit. Look at everything that worked in the relationship. Focus on those things you can build off of for the next one.

Love and Blessings 

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