Lunar Eclipse Energies Capricorn Moon in Opposition to Cancer Sun Jul 5-6

Lunar Eclipse Energies Capricorn Moon in Opposition to Cancer Sun Jul 5-6

People this reading resonates with most likely have past issues they need to purge specifically communication difficulties in work situations. This could be happening this day or a couple of days from now until the Eclipse wears off. Be bold, be brave. Let's get started.

This is a general reading, however it works best if you look at your natal chart to see where your signs lay. Take what resonates and if the message doesn't fit I know there are other messages that will.

Crystals used: Selenite and Clear Quartz
Ring: contains Hematite
Deck used: Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche
Notes from the Universe Oracle Cards by Mike Dooley
Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Cards that represent The placement Cancer, the Sun are the Three of Cups and The Sun.

Cards that Represent the placement of Capricorn Moon and the Moon are The Two of Pentacles and The High priestess.

Princess of Wands Reversed represents the Aspect Opposition between Sun and Moon.

Influenced on the 4th house of Cancer, Three of Diamonds(Pentacles) has a picture of colliding Galaxies in colors white, orange, blue, and red. Different energies working together.

Card Influence of aspect the Opposition, King of Wands(Clubs) has a rotating Neutron Star. Turquoise, healing energies.

Influence in the 10th house of Capricorn, Ten of Spades(Swords) a Ring Galaxy. White and Pink. Friend energy can be toxic then transmuted.

According to the Basic Astrology Chart, a general guide of Aries rising as Aries is the 1st house, Cancer is at the 4th House and Capricorn is at the 10th House. And according to the placement of the planets in their signs it creates a 180 degree aspect of the Opposition, an aspect that shows conflict that with work can be overcome.

Cancer Sun in opposition to Capricorn Moon this Lunar Eclipse is affecting people's minds. Specifically in relation to the heart of what's going on in a work situation.

Someone is dealing with a coworker who could be bad mouthing them. I don't usually say this kind of thing in readings as it sounds gossipy, however with mercury reversed at the top and Ten of Swords representing influence on the Capricorn Moon, plus the Three of Pentacles representing influence on the Three of cups, this looks like a situation where people are having fun at someone's expense. 

The King of Wands is representing influence on the Princess of Wands Reversed, it's time for this person to be bold and stand up for themself. I see with the Two of Pentacles, juggling tasks could be new to work, not getting along, feelings are being dragged through the smoke.

The Ten of Swords is Smoke, the original Rider Waite Tarot deck shows someone laying down with Swords in their back with no blood. Everything this person is going through is psychological torment and with the Magician reversed, not being the Magician of their own life. Not transmuting the bad energy coming from coworkers being mean. In other words not coming up with a plan to change the energy of how they feel when they feel attacked.

Card Influencing the Oracle, The Magician Reversed, Planetary Influence, Mercury. 

Notes from the Universe: "Giving love... becomes an even greater need than receiving love" stands out as the message to pay attention too.

Crystal Message: "Your heart is in your hands. Respond to any negativity from others with love and respect. Yes that's difficult to do if you feel attacked, however you will be able to sleep better at night knowing you stood up for yourself with honor"-John or letter J. , deceased loved one relayed through spirit for someone reading this message.

Here's a journal question for you: How can you take another person's harsh words and take them as constructive criticism, then own it and stand up for yourself?

Rising Sign Horoscopes for Lunar Eclipse Capricorn Moon in Opposition to Cancer Sun below is specifically for 2020, however the situation of the reading can be used to spark your journey to healing from difficult communication with people if needed.

Aries: You may feel that people aren't listening to you. This makes you uncomfortable as you feel you have so much to offer the business you work for. This Lunar Eclipse energy has you struggling with everything feeling like time is standing still. You may be ready to pounce on who is making it hard for you at work. If you don't listen to what your coworkers are doing by being silent, you will miss the message of listening without having the last word. Your actions can be the last word and that will impress everyone.

Taurus: You may feel people aren't doing things by the book and this bothers you. Don't they understand what it takes to make a project better? You believe your way has the best method. The hard truth is some people just don't want to put in the effort to do a job right. This Lunar Eclipse has you struggling with letting go of expectations of how your environment should be. You may be ready to do the whole job yourself with no one's help thinking it will get you to the top. This could work in your favor if your boss notices your effort, however it could ruffle the already ruffled feathers of your coworkers.

Gemini: You may feel everyone has left you behind. They may see you as a dreamer who doesn't play by the rules. Someone who is not willing to step into reality. What they don't realize is you have the ability to fill in the gaps. You are intuitive and this makes you a valuable asset to any company. This Lunar Eclipse you may be ready to quit your job and find somewhere else to work. You may be ready to do that, however realize this problem will follow you anywhere you work unless you prove to your coworkers that because you fill in the gaps they missed, you are valuable to the project at hand.

Cancer: You may feel very uncomfortable in your work environment. Like you don't fit itn. People tell you you're too sensitive. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling with telling people how you feel as when you feel attacked you lash out. Take in what people say and leave parts behind. You are the one sign who knows what battles to choose once you make your mind up to fight for everyone to have a better time of working. Once you pick what you observe works and what doesn't in your environment, bring it up to your coworkers and your boss, forget about insensitive treatment, use your intuition to make things better for all involved.

Leo: You may feel like you deserve to be at the top from the first moment you begin work at the office. People are taking the wind out of your sails and you don't like it. You are doing the work, some of the best work the boss has ever seen. You may even think you should replace the boss as he's still a student and you are the master, you may even be older in age than your boss. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling with letting sleeping dogs lie. Let go of the fact that your work has to be recognized for brilliance everytime. The brilliance shows up in results and that is when people start to understand your worth.

Virgo: You may feel like you aren't able to communicate with people. They are cutting you off. You have answers on how to organize the work space. Perhaps too many ideas for everyone else to grasp. You could be bossing people around when they don't put things back where they came from and this is grating for those you work with. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling to understand that everything doesn't have to be in perfect order for the environment to be suitable to work in. If you can begin to give one or two new ideas to everyone to work on instead of multiple ideas, people may listen to what you have to say and thank you for making their time at work better.

Libra: You may feel that there is one person you want to connect with and they don't want to connect with you. Since this can cause tension in the office, perhaps its best to interact with the group as a whole. You may do better in one on one conversations. This Lunar Eclipse you could be facing a dilemma. You know in your heart the person you want to be friends or more with doesn't see you as a potential friend or love interest. Instead of focusing on one person focus on being good acquaintances with everyone from the office. Chances are you will make a friend that way.

Scorpio: You may feel like work is driving you up the wall. You've had it with people misunderstanding why you want to change something in the middle of a project. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling with feeling like because you always feel you have a new, better solution, that it should always be taken into account when working on a project. If you listen to everyone as to why they don't want to change the project, then you can decide how you'll approach working within the guidelines set, your way, and you will shine.

Sagittarius: You may feel you've lost interest in a project because there is nothing left to do on it. People are still working on it and you feel like it's done! This Lunar Eclipse you are struggling with knowing when something is finished even if it isn't finished the way you want it to be finished. If you don't want to work on a project anymore, state your reasons why and see what people say. Who knows they may think you have done enough and that what you did added to the project being completed.

Capricorn: You may feel like people aren't pulling their weight. They aren't doing their share of the work. You could be bringing this up to the boss instead of to your coworkers and that is something that would bother people. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling with talking to your coworkers. You may have a great friendship with the boss, however you need to expand your circle. It's difficult to trust people who don't do their job. Focus on the people to do show up, or at least try to show up. Maybe they are overwhelmed by the tasks needed to complete the job. Teach them to do it right and the job will get done smoother.

Aquarius: You may feel that you like to work alone. Your best work comes when there is a problem that needs to be taken apart and put back together with a few new changes. Things you think benefit the environment of the office and how they will work on a project next time. This Lunar Eclipse you may be struggling to just let things go. You need to change how you approach work from what you feel is what will benefit everyone in the future. If you don't approach your work differently, you could jeopardize your chance of working with your coworkers and coming up with changes together. If you work with your coworkers more often you may be surprised at how well things could turn out.

Pisces: You may feel that working on something that doesn't move your soul is a waste of time. Any project that doesn't make a large impact on people is a waste and an insult to your talent. This Lunar Eclipse you could be struggling with accepting that not every project is life changing. This can be a blessing as you can play a bit. Try something different without having something fall apart and cause a huge hole that needs to be fixed. If you play along you can stand out by introducing your offbeat ideas to your coworkers, then they will play along with you and things can feel like spirit is in the space creating an environment of joy.

If you want to book an Astrology Reading with me all the information on how to do so is listed on the page "Astrology Tarotscope Reading". In readings you book with me, I not only go over your rising sign profile, I also cover your Sun and Moon placement in the Houses in your chart to get even more insight on the best times to work on something or have conversations with people.

Let me know how this reading resonates. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Blessings 💛


  1. When I worked, I always felt that the powers that be weren't listening to me. I was not the only woman to feel that way. So I know what it's like to have my supervisors not hear me. Sometimes leaving is the best medicine for yourself.

  2. When I worked, I always felt that the powers that be weren't listening to me. I was not the only woman to feel that way. So I know what it's like to have my supervisors not hear me. Sometimes leaving is the best medicine for yourself.

  3. I know its tough to work for other people and with other people. Some people don't have to option to leave. I feel bad that people don't have that option if they have no where else to go.


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