Sagittarius Moon Quincunx Cancer Sun for July 3-4 2020 (Astrology, Tarotscope, Spirituality)

Sagittarius Moon Quincunx Cancer Sun for July 3-4 2020 (Astrology, Tarotscope, Spirituality)

This reading works best if you look at your natal chart to see where your signs lay because I keep rising signs in mind when I create the horoscopes for each Astrology reading I do. However keep in mind this is a general reading for the energies of July's Sagittarius Moon during Cancer Season. Let's get started!

Crystals used: Selenite and Clear Quartz
Ring: contains Freshwater Pearls
Deck used: Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche
Notes from the Universe Oracle Cards by Mike Dooley
Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

According to the Basic Astrology Chart, a general guide of Aries rising as Aries is the 1st house, Cancer is at the 4th House and Sagittarius is at the 9th House. And according to the placement of the planets in their signs it creates a 150 degree aspect the Quincunx is an aspect that shows offbeat wisdom from any situation to be applied in life.

Cards that represent The placement Cancer and the Sun are the Three of Cups Reversed and The Sun.

Cards that Represent the placement of Sagittarius Moon and the Moon are Nine of Wands and The High priestess.

Princess of Cups Reversed represents the Aspect Quincunx between Sun and Moon.

Influenced in the 4th house of Cancer, Ace of Diamonds(Pentacles) has a picture of Jupiter on it and luck will find its way.

Influence of aspect the Quincunx, 8 of Diamonds(Pentacles) Reversed has a double star system in it. Blue and orange clouds intuition and playful energy.

Influence in the 9th house of Sagittarius, Jack of Spades(Swords) a sample of multiple star clusters. Purple clouds spirit energy.

With The Cancer Sun Quincunx Sagittarius Moon, and the influences of the energy cards below, There could be a disruption in a marriage. Perhaps by spiritual discussion in the home over faith. Can also involve work, taking a break from the daily grind. One person is understanding that they need to choose their words wisely or they will end up cutting off someone completely from their life. Blue, Orange, and Purple Energy showed up in the cards. One person is spiritual and takes his or her faith seriously, the other person may be more playful in their approach to faith and this is bothering the more spiritually faithful person.

Notes from the Universe: "Earthshaking Love" stands out as the message to pay attention too.

Crystal Message: "Take your time to sort things out with your partner. There is no need to rush. If you go too fast you will offend your person and they will stop speaking to you. Hold on to your faith, allow them to hold on to theirs." -Spirit, Cris or C. Initial of person who is deceased.

A quick note before I chose my astrological marker cards from the Tarot deck, The Hierophant, came out, he represents Taurus. If you are a Taurus Sun, Moon, or Rising this message may be relevant to you.

Here's a journal question for you: "How can you choose your words carefully when you explain your faith to another person (or your person if you are married)?

You can read the horoscopes below for your Sun, Moon, and Rising, however if you know your rising sign, that will likely resonate most. Apply these horoscopes any time Cancer Sun Quincunx Sagittarius Moon occurs. Or have a need to find the words to explain your faith to someone. 

Aries: Perhaps you are very honest and opinionated when you explain your faith and so when someone doesn't want to see things your way, it feels like an insult. 

Taurus: Perhaps you are set in how you practice your faith and so when someone doesn't practice their faith by the code you follow, it irritates you. 

Gemini: Perhaps you are cold when it comes to faith, that is you are solitary when you practice and will only become friends with people who will allow you to practice alone.

Cancer: Perhaps you are always in a dreamy state of mind when explaining faith to people so you are afraid they will tease you for how you practice your faith. You take it personally.

Leo: Perhaps you are quick to explain how you practice and that's it, no more needs to be said. If anyone says anything, even that they do the same, your way is the most important way.

Virgo: Perhaps you are set in your ways when it comes to practicing your faith, like a Taurus Rising, however it may not just involve ritual, it will involve how faith is interpreted that influences how you explain your practice to others. 

Libra: Perhaps you are ready to chat with anyone who is willing to listen. Like you beg to talk about your faith and when someone doesn't want to listen you feel like you are missing out on another opportunity to connect with someone.

Scorpio: Perhaps you find comfort in your faith and so when confronted with an opinion you feel violates your comfort zone, you keep to yourself. Then you don't share anymore about your faith to anyone.

Sagittarius: Perhaps you are very bold in how you practice your faith, you may even wear clothing or jewelry that proudly shows how you feel. Sometimes your discussion becomes a sermon.

Capricorn: Perhaps you do charity work as a part of your faith. You're dependable. People can count on you to show up and work. You may upset people around if they aren't doing as good a job as you are.

Aquarius: Perhaps you believe in partnership when it comes to faith, you enjoy practicing your faith with other people. Your friendships may evolve from sharing the same faith as someone.

Pisces: Perhaps you believe in a faith where there is much transformation involved in how it's practiced. Sometimes it may seem as if the Transformation is too painful and you let everyone know how you feel. This can get intense for those you speak about your faith too.

If you resonate with this reading, feel free to drop a line in the Comment Section.  Let's Chat!

Blessings 💛

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