Pisces Moon Sesquisquare Cancer Sun July 9-11 (Moon Astrology, Astrology Tarotscope, Friendship)

Pisces Moon Sesquisquare Cancer Sun July 9-11 (Moon Astrology, Astrology Tarotscope, Friendship)

This reading is good for anyone who is trying to figure out what kind of friends to keep and what kind of friends to cut loose.

This is a general reading, however it works best if you look at your natal chart to see where your signs lay. Take what resonates and if the message doesn't fit I know there are other messages that will. Let's get started!

Crystals used: Selenite and Clear Quartz

Ring: contains Freshwater Pearls

Decks used:

Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

The oracle card is Lady Nada "Heart Awakening"

The main influence card is The Moon

Cards that represent The placement Cancer and the Sun are the Three of Cups and The Sun Reversed.

Cards that Represent the placement of Pisces Moon and the Moon are Knight of Cups Reversed and The High Priestess.

Page of Cups Reversed represents the Aspect Sesquisquare between Sun and Moon.

Influence in the 4th house of Cancer, Six of Wands Reversed

Influence of aspect the Sesquisquare, Knight of Pentacles Reversed.

Influence in the 12th house of Pisces, Queen of Swords.

According to the Basic Astrology Chart, a general guide of Aries rising as Aries is the 1st house, Cancer is at the 4th House and Pisces is at the 12th House. And according to the placement of the planets in their signs it creates a 135 degree aspect of the Sesquisquare. An aspect that shows petty annoyances.

With The Cancer Sun Sesquisquare Pisces Moon, let's take a look at the Oracle Card and Main Influence Card. Lady Nada, according to the Keeper's of the Light Oracle, is a spirit from Atlantis. We have the Moon card, Pisces Energy. You've got lots of emotions going on here. You may feel like you are taken for granted in your life by friends.

The Three of Cups shows friendship, the Knight of Cups Reversed shows restraint on the part of you. The aspect shown by Page of Cups reversed is a feeling of almost letting yourself be friends with people but for your own reasons you have decided to pull back.

The Sun is reversed, yet the High Priestess is not. Your intuition is telling you everything you need to know about who to trust and who to cut free.

The Six of Wands reversed further shows the feeling of not being taken seriously as an equal part of the group, of not getting your due. The Queen of Swords energy is alive and well with you. With the Knight of Pentacles Reversed you know that if a friendship isn't worth saving then it's time to cut it off. 

Lady Nada Keeper of the Light "...allow yourself to be loved and cherished by others" stands out as the message to pay attention too.

Crystal Message: "You are too full of self-loathing and deserve better treatment. If you keep beating yourself up you will continually attract people who will mistreat you" -a lady with white hair, looks like she's from the 1800's wears her hair in a tight bun and wears a black frock. -Cecille or letter C. Of a spirit who is deceased for someone out there.

Here's a journal question for you: What is your ideal friendship like? How can you forgive yourself for people treating you poorly?

Rising Sign Horoscopes for Pisces Moon Sesquisquare Cancer Sun below can be used for anytime this planetary occurrence happens or if this is an aspect in your chart.

Aries: You may feel that friendship is about feeling at home with someone. However you may undo friendships by not listening to what people want you to give them. And instead give them what you feel is right without considering what they want. Some people like surprise gifts, you'll find them.

Taurus: You may feel that friendship is about communication and that brings comfort. However in your effort to try to understand someone your need to process it on your own can bother people. There are people who don't believe in groupthink, they are the people you need in your life.

Gemini: You may feel that friendship is about finding self-worth. You may be wanting to find your friends at work. Some people don't want to be friends with people they work with, usually there are people who do though. If you aren't able to find friends at work you may want to consider working elsewhere.

Cancer: You may feel that friendship is about doing what makes you feel happy. Some people see this as self-centered. If you find people who are into spirituality that could work because spirituality is all about finding yourself.

Leo: You may feel that friendship is about letting loose maybe even getting in trouble. People may be uncomfortable with that. If you find people who are into doing something life transforming, like an extreme sport, that's a way to get in trouble without breaking the law.

Virgo: You may feel that friendship is about deep understanding. There are people not willing to take the time to let you in because they have busy lives and can't take time to share their time with you. There are people who do well in close relationships. Perhaps meet someone at a retreat. People bond at those.

Libra: You may feel that friendship is about career as in you are meant to be in business together. You tend to thrive on being the leader. Find people who are doing some service that you can shed some light on and help them do their work. You may find supportive friends here.

Scorpio: You may feel that friendship is centered on spirituality. People not into spirituality need not apply to be your friend. If you find friends that have a unique take on spirituality, as opposed to someone with very strict guidelines to follow, that can help you be accepted into the group.

Sagittarius: You may feel there is transformation required to have a true friendship. Your friends may not be into things that you enjoy, or they are and you feel they do it in a way that's boring. You find comfort in doing things that feel exciting every time you do them. There are other people who thrive on that too. 

Capricorn: You may feel that a one on one friendship is best for you. It's hard to find people who want to get close. Find people who enjoy talking all night long. A writing community can provide the conversation you're looking for.

Aquarius: You may feel that a service oriented relationship, perhaps working for a health organization as a volunteer, would be a place to bond with people. People working there may be so focused on the service work they are doing that they may not be into forming friendships and may only rely on family as friends. If you find people in the organization that see your worth and value, they may want to be friends with you.

Pisces: You may feel friendship is meant to be creative. You could be in a situation where people are critiquing each other's artwork. If this bothers you perhaps finding a group where people do art for the joy of it is for you.

If you resonate with this reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If you'd like to book a reading with me then please look at my "Astrology Tarotscopes Reading Page" for information on how to book a reading. Blessings 💛


  1. Too much truth in my Aries write-up. I do love the comfort but don't give my friends what they want--attention. I am a selfish friend.

    1. Fredi, what's your rising sign? Do you know it? Yes your sun sign can give you some insight, however your rising sign could give you the most understanding on friendship for you. Also if you know your Moon sign that will help too.


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