Astrology Tarotscope Readings

Astrology Tarotscope Readings

I, Jessica Berck Hensley of Sketchwriterjess now offer Astrology Tarotscope Readings for Sale.

  You must be 18+ to order a reading from me.


You get a pdf of the reading that is personal to you with text and pictures. I use Tarot Cards from an Oracle Deck, a Tarot Deck, and A Playing Card Deck to create your Tarotscope. I will choose the decks based on how I feel will work best for you. 

I will draw up a Natal Chart for you on I will send you a link with the Natal Chart.

I base the reading on your Rising Sign. We will also discuss Sun and Moon Placements and other Planetary placements in your chart to figure out how to use the Moon's Transits in Signs for your benefit with timing such as projects and even conversations with people. 

Includes email chat about the reading.

Once the payment is made, I will work on your reading. Please allow 3 days to receive your reading.

I will send a link with the pdf and the Natal Chart by email.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.

If I provide a reading for you, I'd appreciate it if you leave a review in the comments of this page. Good reviews or Constructive Criticism is welcome.

Take Care and Blessings. 😎💙🌴


  1. Jess did an Astrology Tarotscope Reading for me that has broken down the wall keeping me from crocheting for years. I buy tons of yarn, but I could never actually make anything. Total inability to choose a project, follow through, finish. Thanks to the reading, and message from my late mother's spirit, I have been able to find a purpose and follow through on my first charity blanket in too many years. I have now planned five blankets that I will make and send to a charity group I belong to. I feel at peace after years of fretting about collecting yarn with no purpose.

  2. Thank you Fredi, my mother, for requesting a reading from me and purchasing. I'm so glad I've helped you break down the wall you had built yourself. Astrology is a great tool to show behavior patterns to work on. I'm happy to see you doing well and making positive choices on how to use your time. I'm here for you. Love you. Jess.


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