Be Brave. Don't Cave.

Be Brave. Don't Cave

A prose poem by SketchWriterJess

Image of a poem about being brave and not giving in to anger.

Be Brave. Don't Cave...

when people tell me to give up my dream of being creative for love and profit...

when I feel like I can't take another minute of my own self talk...

when I want to go outside and never come back...

but to drive around for hours...

when I am screaming at the television, "Trump...Why....Stop using the tanning bed! Seriously, Trump...stop being disrespectful to other people and yourself."...

when I am listening to MSNBC and all I can think of "Oh no! What's going to happen now. How are the mentally ill going to get the help they need to survive. I myself am receiving the help I need, but what about other mentally ill people out there...

when I hear some doctor who has never had a mental illness in their lives let the names of mental illness meds roll of the tongue like different candies and she tells me, "Sorry, no drinking alcohol". Ok I wished I had listened on that one. I don't do it often now, I'm not even able to finish a beer anymore. I'm thankful for that after what I've been through with other medicines that caused me to drink way too much...

when the doctor tells me my blood sugar is too high and that it needs to be at normal range despite another doctor telling me my blood sugar can be a bit higher then normal because that's what meds do. They make you sane, but they make your blood sugar high if you have a history of diabetes in your family which I have. I try to eat better, I do eat better, I make my own cakes with less fat and less sugar and you know what, they taste great!...

when I hear someone say for the umpteenth time "The world doesn't revolve around you." Well, I got news for "you" too, It doesn't revolve around you either and the fact that you have made it clear transferring the pain of that realization on to me explains exactly what you want in your life, which is to be taken seriously if not even more silly because you, like me, want to be the life of the party.  Own it why don't cha? I have, I've got a blog...

when I remember how people behave around the famous and the not so famous and the inklings of famous and how really we are all just planets and stars brighter and dimmer then others and the Sun is what we make it. The sun is who we believe, what we believe, how we believe, who we listen too. For some God is their sun. For others it can be rock stars or movie stars or artists or authors, or poets, anyone touched by God...or muses perhaps. And then there are people who are artists in what they do, food artists, chefs, cleaners, sweepers, movers, anyone is touched by God everyday in every walk of life if they so choose or not. My point is, everyone, when they feel like they have nothing to offer, only need offer the best they have. Every time, all the time. And the world will be better. There is room for all artists in all states in all circles. There is no reason to denigrate others different from yourself, either low or so high they will burn up due to all the pain and the struggle of keeping up with someone else and the world just in their own space and globally. It's all too much to handle for some. Perhaps maybe even for me...however, I must remind myself...

Be brave. Don't cave...

when one disrespects you personally and when you feel like you need to disrespect someone right back or even first before they get to ya'.

Respect. Honor. Faith.

On it goes.

This slide and poem "Be Brave. Don't Cave." is part of a larger work that will be made for sale.
Please do not use this image or this quote in your work.
However you may print this image and the poem for your personal use for free.

Copyright 2016 by Jessica B. Hensley "Be Brave. Don't Cave."

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