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You Run Away So Often, How do You Get Back Home? (Poem and Images Included)

Running Away to Get Back Home

a poem
by Jessica B. Hensley aka Jess(Sketchwriterjess), the author of the Sketchwriterjess Blog and Owner of the Shop, JBHensleySWJ.
This poem may not be copied and sold or used on another website without the Author's permission. Nor can the Images be used the same way.

And now for the poem:

. A night at the bar

drawing with Crayola Colored Pencils

on cheap sketch paper

you catch reds, brasses, and browns

like gems

of memory you want to keep

When a weird guy hits on

you run away to get back home.

II. Hangover with you

as you drive in Palm Beach County Florida traffic

to the bookstore cafe to draw

with your water-soluble graphite pencils

by Fiber Castell and

Prismacolor Pencils Y2K,

on Canson Mix Media Paper,

You make an impression on

a child there, keep drawing

as she scampers off

to walk with her


You want to keep going

so you go to another coffee shop

where people focus on their work

on Laptops and Smart phones

while you draw with colored pencils

Holiday Thoughts 2016: The miracle of correct handedness, crafting, and writing.

Christmas and Hanukkah in Florida: It's kind of like Left-Handedness

The weather is changing a little here where I live...
I'm thinking that this year the Holidays will be different. More happy, more joyful, especially since through the miracle of knitting and crocheting I found out I was truly left handed, instead of right handed.
I spent my whole life feeling frustrated...

People called me a spaz. I was clumsy and I could never follow along with conversations or class. I was frustrated because my earliest teacher suggested life would be so much easier if I used my right hand instead of my left, despite my left hand handwriting was far stronger. I listened to her and took her advice, I used my right hand for everything and I paid the price.;)
I kept feeling like there was something I was missing in life. It wasn't until I realized that I am far stronger and more comfortable as a left-handed person now then I ever was as a right-handed person that the only bright side is th…

Thanksgiving Thoughts: All Lives Matter. Trump?

During Thanksgiving I had a sore throat and stuffy nose, plus my Aunt Flo decided to visit Redbank as people say in New Jersey, which means, I got my period. I felt like spending the day in bed away from my family. However, life matters, all lives matter. I thought it best to celebrate with my family instead.

One topic came up this last Thanksgiving among family and friends; Trump is president elect: What will the future of America be? As a liberal woman of faith, deep down in my soul, I need to believe that somehow he understands America better than I do and that he has better judgement then shown in his campaign.
Here is what I know about America...
Many natural citizens of the United States of America are born from families that emigrated to this country long ago, some of these citizens forget that. It is also true that today, some African-American Citizens are descended from people who were enslaved against their will, they are trying to find their place in America.And I cannot fo…

Comfort Bound Cay

Comfort Bound Caya poem bySketchWriterJess
If people spent time Doing something constructive, joyful, and satisfying   Instead of destructive...
 How would the world be?

All destructive behavior Leads to people, items, and places Being destroyed… Nothing better, Nothing brilliant… Not even change.
Why do people destroy In order to gain something they don’t have?

Why not take The time to build up joy…a thing Something, that gets better the more it’s done?

These questions Are solutions to children And even new adults;
During my toughest school days where I endured bullying and misunderstood my classmates so many times when they were just joking around I’d come home from school angry, exhausted, and alone. I’d think of the mistakes I made. I escaped to my comfort bound sketchbook or notebook. I’d draw or write my dreams and real life happenings. Even as a new adult, I continued to sketch and write despite living with pain in my head and heart.

I think…believe People are afraid to Hold on…

How to like yourself now (to survive with or without a mental illness, for me bipolar disorder.)

How To Like Yourself Now (To Survive): A Guided Journal Workshop is here! Check out the Sketchwriterjesspress Shop or JBHensleySWJ Shop to purchase.

How to like yourself now A poem by SketchWriterJess 
Cook for yourself and others. That includes baking.
Helping parents when they need help.
Laugh and not question being happy. In other words, laugh without question.

Watch feel good movies no matter how hoke and silly.
Treat music as a philosophy, not a religion

Let thoughts go in one part of your brain...
and leave quickly out the other.
Hang onto the thoughts you want to hang on to.
Let the people you love so much in real life know how much you care for them.
Let the people you loved so much in fantasy go…in peace.
Be kind to anyone, just because it’s the right thing to do.
Be nice.
Be angry at someone when you need to. But calm and gentle the rest of the time.
Reassure people you’ve got their back.
Say “Hello”.
Say “Good Bye”.
Say “Good Night”.
Say “Good Morning”.
Say “Have a good one…

Be Brave. Don't Cave.

Be Brave. Don't CaveA prose poem by SketchWriterJess

Be Brave. Don't Cave...

when people tell me to give up my dream of being creative for love and profit...

when I feel like I can't take another minute of my own self talk...

when I want to go outside and never come back...

but to drive around for hours...

when I am screaming at the television, "Trump...Why....Stop using the tanning bed! Seriously, Trump...stop being disrespectful to other people and yourself."...

when I am listening to MSNBC and all I can think of "Oh no! What's going to happen now. How are the mentally ill going to get the help they need to survive. I myself am receiving the help I need, but what about other mentally ill people out there...

when I hear some doctor who has never had a mental illness in their lives let the names of mental illness meds roll of the tongue like different candies and she tells me, "Sorry, no drinking alcohol". Ok I wished I had listened on that on…

Free Web Apps for Productivity

Here is a place for Apps designed by me just for you to boost your productivity in a fun way. Have at it!

Time and Write Generator

Words Sprints Minutes
50 2 10
100 3 20
150 4 30

Press down on the button of your mouse and roll over the grid to get your random numbers. You can also use the highlight function on your tablet to get the same result.

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