Pig-Out And Portion: Triple Your Take-Out!

Pig-Out and Portion: Triple Your Take-Out

Copyright 2017 Jessica B. Hensley

If you are committed to losing weight to get healthier like I am, you may have some things that you do that are habits that block you from losing weight. They can also keep you from saving money and splurging with the rest.

Ordering Take-Out from a Chinese Restaurant is something that I enjoy doing with my family. We sit and watch TV, usually MSNBC, and eat our meal.

Sure, there are times where I will order something with lots of vegetables, such as chicken with broccoli, beef with string beans, or a rainbow dish, Chicken or Beef mixed with a blend of different vegetables. I enjoy those dishes, sometimes though, I want something really indulgent. Something with Meat that has a sweet sauce, like Boneless BBQ Ribs.

I ordered a dish a couple weeks back and here is the strategy I used so that it lasts longer, and I don’t feel deprived.

Below is a sketch Infographic that I drew to explain how I was able to Save and Splurge on Chinese Take-Out. I will go over the steps here in the article.

Step 1: Order food from your favorite Chinese Restaurant.

Step 2: Take out your main dish, side dish, I had pork fried rice, and appetizer and place as much as you like on the plate. I usually take half of what is there in each take out container. It’s a personal choice, take as much or as little as you’d like, but take enough that you know you won’t feel deprived after eating.

Step 3: You may have an appetizer that just had one piece. In this example, I’ve got an Egg Roll. If you’ve got just one, eat it at the meal! If you’ve got more then one, take one, and save the rest in a separate container from the main and side dishes and eat them as a snack at another time. Be sure to put the container in the fridge!

Step 4: After you finish eating, take the main dish and split it in 2 parts, and take the side dish and split it into 2 parts.

Step 5: If there is sauce, drain the sauce from the meat. Only save the meat. The sauce has lots of calories that are fun to splurge on once in awhile, but if you are committed to losing weight, then let the sauce go.

Step 6: Grab two containers to place the food in. I use Ball Jars and Plastic Lids made for Ball Jars. Place the rice in first and then place the meat without the sauce in on top of the rice. Close each jar with a plastic Lid.

Step 7: This is important. Place one jar in the freezer and one in the Fridge. This way if you’re short of money and you want take out, you have Chinese food in the Freezer. Eat the one in the Fridge sooner, within 3 days after being placed there.

Suggestion: If you want to make your leftover portions bigger, open up a can of vegetables and take some out and mix it in with the leftover food when you are about to heat it up again. Don’t put the vegetables in the containers uncooked, The are better fresh out of the can. You can also buy frozen vegetables and cook them and add them to the dish. Either way works.

And remember, you don’t want to forget desert! A Fortune Cookie is a great way to end the meal.
I hope this helps you save and splurge on one of your favorite indulgences. And remember, the example I used is a once in a while dish that I used as an example. Even if the dish you order is healthier, you can still use the same method to save the food. Drain the sauce then too.

Until next time my friends,
Wishing you health and happiness,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Pig-Out and Portion: Triple Your Take-Out
Copyright 2017 Jessica B. Hensley

What’s your favorite Indulgent Chinese Take Out Dish? What healthier Chinese Take Out Dishes do you like?

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  1. Great idea to freeze left overs. I tend to just refrigerate and then throw it out. I am lazy!


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