You Run Away So Often, How do You Get Back Home? (Poem and Images Included)

Running Away to Get Back Home

a poem

by Jessica B. Hensley aka Jess(Sketchwriterjess), the author of the Sketchwriterjess Blog and Owner of the Shop, JBHensleySWJ.

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And now for the poem:

. A night at the bar

drawing with Crayola Colored Pencils

on cheap sketch paper

you catch reds, brasses, and browns

like gems

of memory you want to keep

When a weird guy hits on

you run away to get back home.

Coffee-Stout, Water, and An Old Fashioned with one sexy ice cube in one of my favorite places to go to let loose.

II. Hangover with you

as you drive in Palm Beach County Florida traffic

to the bookstore cafe to draw

with your water-soluble graphite pencils

by Fiber Castell and

Prismacolor Pencils Y2K,

on Canson Mix Media Paper,

You make an impression on

a child there, keep drawing

as she scampers off

to walk with her


You want to keep going

so you go to another coffee shop

where people focus on their work

on Laptops and Smart phones

while you draw with colored pencils

on paper

You run away to get back home,

back to the bar, you stay alone.

"The Carpenter" Water-Soluble Colored Pencils and Prismacolor Colored Pencils.
 9" x 6". Copyright 2017 Jessica B. Hensley signed with Sketchwriterjess Logo.

III. Another day,

same bookstore cafe,

with Crayola Colored Pencils

and paper in your bag,

you wave your wallet

Cheers to the baristas,

they know your name

they know your usual

they’ve kept you in the game

one Grande Latte drunk,

inspiration for a bracelet hits

You manifest at home,

then where it upon your wrist

to remember yourself

once again.

Colored Pencil Drawing of a Grande Latte with a bracelet inspired by its casing and the experience of the Bookstore Cafe Environment. Bracelet, Wood Beads, Smoky Colored Button, Malachite, Stainless Steel, Mocha Colored Crystals, and Pearlish Seed Beads on elastic cord.

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Thanks you for reading
 and have a safe, yet Jolly Holiday.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

P.S. Remember to drink lots of water when you drink coffee or any of your favorite beverages so you don't become dehydrated and drowsy.

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