Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading: How Can I Talk To Him?

Hi everyone,

This is a pick a card reading done on 7/21/19. The date is just a reference. This reading works anytime you watch it. All in divine timing.

The spread is based on my balance check spread with a little extra.

There is Emotion, Logic, Intuition, and Family Wisdom all taken in when the question of "How can I talk to him?" Is asked.

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Watch the video or scroll on to read the writing I've done. Watch the video if you want to hear the wrap up for each one.

Pick a card pile to reveal the how you need to talk to your man.

Pile 1, 2, 3 left to right.

If you still are having a problem, look at the oracle cards. (This picture is not on the video, it is here on the blog post for clarity as the oracle cards have two sides. In the video, I show them one by one front and back.)

Go ahead. Pick your pile. 😎

Pile 1

Cards in this Pile are Starting from the right, the Emotions, The High Priestess. On the left, the Logic, The Hanged Man. In the middle, family wisdom, Oracle "Pucker Up Buttercup". At the Top on the bottom of one third of the deck, Prince of Cups reversed which is equal to the Page in the Rider Deck.

Here is what I wrote:

The man on your mind could be thinking of you a lot. He's determined to unlock the mystery of you.

He looks rugged, but he's really compassionate.

Family wisdom says "Being kind to him will make you both feel satisfied when a problem needs to be discussed."

This man can attach to you and you'll crave him however keep in mind that you take some time for yourself and set boundaries.

Wrap Up:

Let your mystery build in his mind, release it slow. Watch the video for more of the wrap up.

Pile 2

Cards in this pile starting from the right. For the emotions, The Empress reversed. For the logic, The Princess of Wands which is like the Knight in the Rider Tarot Deck. For the family wisdom, Oracle "Love doesn't have to mean near". For the intuition at the top on the bottom of one-third of the pile, Four of Cups reversed.

Here is what I wrote:

The man on your mind can be cold and indifferent. He is having a hard time making up his mind about whether he wants to be with you.

He can be flakey when it comes to setting up appointments.

Family wisdom says "If he keeps acting like this perhaps it's best not to push him now. Leave him be."

He could just be looking for a good time if you want more, he's not ready yet.

Wrap up:

Believe his actions. Watch the video for the rest of the wrap up.

Pile 3

Cards starting from the right, the emotions, The Star. For the logic, on the left, Prince of Swords which is like the Page in the Rider Tarot Deck. For the family wisdom in the middle, Oracle, "Prepare to be astounded." For the intuition, The Seven of Cups reversed.

Here is what I wrote;

The man on your mind perhaps is just coming out of a relationship. Now he knows what he wants in a relationship and is ready for a new one.

He will try to unlock your secrets. Make him work for it cause he wouldn't have it any other way.

Family wisdom says: This man will give you clarity on what true love is. Let him in. Let the relationship unfold.

He is determined to win your heart with words.

Wrap up:

Manifesting is in action. Watch the video for the rest of the wrap up.

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Good Luck.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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