"Tell Me More" Love Tarot Reading for Twin Flame Feminine

Tell Me More: A Love Tarot Reading for the Twin Flame Journey

Decks used for this spread: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe Oracle Cards.

Tarot Spread: This spread uses 11 cards, 3 cards on the right for past, present, and future for what type of men she wants, 3 cards on the left for past, present, and future about how she deals in relationships. And 3 cards on top about the decisions she’ll face when preparing to be in the Twin Flame relationship. The last 2 cards in the middle column are Oracle Cards and help bring an answer to get to the place needed to make her Twin Flame relationship better.

For what type of man she wants: With the Eight of Pentacles reversed, the Nine of Cups, and the Ace of Pentacles, key phrases are exhaustion, demanding requirements, success, contentment with winning, perfect, and contentment.

For how she deals in relationships: With the Prince of Pentacles reversed, the Three of Wands reversed, and the Hanged Man reversed, key phrases are stagnation, discouragement, disappointment, almosting it, not open to learning, lethargic.

For making decisions regarding preparing for the Twin Flame relationship: With the Star, key phrases are abandonment and hope. With The Queen of Swords reversed, about the man in her life, key phases are proper, pulled together, craftiness, sly. With the Five of Pentacles, blocking her man from being with her, key phrases are needing love, and material troubles.

For Twin Flame love to work: With the Oracles “You needn’t worry” and “Karma is on your side”: Key phrases are don’t worry about people who don’t show you love. Love yourself now. And people who unconditionally love you will love you and will always love you. So, when you love them back you not only honor them, you do right by you.

The man she has had and the man she wants: In the past, she felt men expected so much from her to the point of pushing herself hard to meet their demands.

Now she is looking for a man who can give her a feeling of peace and nurturing.

Her future thoughts on men are that her man needs to be perfect.

The way she deals in relationships in the past and present: Upon meeting men she felt like she was stuck in a situation she hated and felt upset that it wouldn’t change. Perhaps a man has left her and she doesn’t think she’ll meet someone else.

She is close to meeting the man whose a sure thing but has just missed him again.

In her thoughts about meeting the one, she is tired of waiting and doesn’t want another man to make a deep impression on her. Not another karmic lesson that hurts more then it helps.

Preparing for Union: She will have hope for the relationship to work and yet have fears of abandonment.

She keeps thinking her man will be slick and polished. He will have flaws.

She needs to look inside herself to stand on her own. She doesn’t need a perfect man cause she isn’t perfect. No one is. She thinks she has to keep up the perfect couple image.

She needs to stop worrying about what people see and understand how her man feels about her. She needs to listen to him. If she wants a man to be there for her, she must push aside all thoughts of what she needs when it comes to meeting expectations. She needs to come to a place where she accepts herself in order to be there for her man. Otherwise she will just keep repeating the same karmic cycles.

In the Bedroom:

With her man

holding hands

listening to the rain

staring into his eyes

knowing just how he feels

she whispers...

“Tell me what you’d like me to do.”

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