The Mirror Moment in Union: A Twin Flame Tarot Reading

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I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the Masculine: With the Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Cups Reversed, and The Sun Reversed, key phrases are speedy intelligence, heart of gold, gratification, joy, happy relationship, and pleasant feelings.

For the Feminine: With the Page of Pentacles reversed, King of Swords, and The moon reversed, key phrases are thoughtless, careless, command authority, militant intelligence, silence, error.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Eight of Wands, Key phrases are great hope, and messages. With the Five of Wands of what the man needs to work on, the key phrase is competitive nature. With the Queen of Pentacles of what the woman needs to work on, key phrases are generosity and security.

For the oracles “Do something new, something different” and “You were born with that “it” quality” key phrases are stay busy to attract those you love and avoid needing to be needed.

Before Meeting

In the past, the man had the ability to sniff things out and yet with his heart of gold he may not have aired the dirty laundry leading to him to him walking away from his last relationship.

In the past, the woman could be quite thoughtless when it came to words and careless when it came to doing actions. Her lack of tact causes men to leave her.

Upon Meeting Each Other

The man feels gratification and joy after leaving a toxic relationship.

The woman has a command of language and she is sharp. And she is witty, as she has learned to replace her lack of tact with humor.

In Union

The man wants a happy relationship. He just wants someone who will make him feel good.

The woman has learned to be silent when a matter or dispute reaches a natural end. She has also learned to take responsibility when says hurtful words.

The theme of the relationship is one of hope and communication. Perhaps these two are writers or speakers at places where people gather to have fun.

The man must work on his constant need to one-up his woman by digging things up on her.

The woman must work on being more kind with her words and must stand in her truth always when living with this man.

Together they can complete their mission if they open channels of communication. When they need to talk, they need to talk. When they need to air out their problems, they need to make sure they treat each other as equals instead of thinking they each have something on the other. However, the two of them could help people communicate better with each other. They could create a game since they are here to learn how good communication works. They will then go on to teach people how to laugh at themselves and with each other.

Final words

He was quite

the bloodhound

sniffing out

secrets on his

past loves and

feeling proud

because of it.

She was quite careless

with her actions

and as a result

her relationships

ended with a thud.

Together these two

can take what they

learn from their

past to fulfill their

mission as a couple

who designs a game

about communication

for people in love.

In the bedroom, perhaps these two can share a few love bites here and there. And some laughs before things become smooth and bold. 

Watch the video to see what the mirror moment is for this couple and how it gives them the strength to complete their mission.

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