"There's No Doubt" Souls in Separation Twin Flame Tarot and Mental Healt...

There’s No Doubt: A Love Tarot Reading, Twin Flame in Separation

Decks Used: Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Spread Used: Twin Flame Separation Spread. On the right 3 Cards show the masculine on the feminine’s mind. On the Left 3 cards show the feminine’s idea of relationships. In the Center, The oracle shows the Theme to remember during separation.

Her Man on her mind: With the Wheel of Fortune reversed, key phrase is plan comes together.

Her Man in her heart: With the Empress, key phrase is loving and kind.

Her Man in her soul: With Death reversed, key phrase is shelter and safety.

Her mind on a relationship: With Justice, key phrase is right to repair

Her heart in a relationship: With The Devil reversed, key phrase is blind love.

Her soul in a relationship: With the Lover’s reversed, key phrase is love is hard to find and keep.

Theme to remember in separation: With the Oracle “Dwell on what you love,” don’t change who you are so in turn don’t try to change someone else.

Man who’s on her mind, in her heart, and in her soul: She thinks of a man as someone she can count on to take care of her. She feels safe around him due to his kind nature. He’s got a strong work ethic and that makes her feel even more sure of his steadfastness in a relationship.

Her mind, heart, and soul in this relationship: She falls in love head over heals when she is on the mend from past hurts and past relationships. She finds love when is new her emotions flood her with tingly feelings usually, however now she feels at home with this man.

What to remember in separation from a twin flame: Be yourself always. Trust he as himself always. If there are problems that arise with you as doubts about his character, trust your instincts and stay away from him.

In the meantime, read a book that has the sense that things will work out, no need to upset yourself when with a story that could have a disappointing end.

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