Taurus Moon Sextile Cancer Sun July 14-16 (Moon Astrology, Tarotscope, Career)

Taurus Moon Sextile Cancer Sun July 14-16 (Moon Astrology, Tarotscope, Career)

The reading helps you find your inner light of strength to find the career you may be suited for.

This is a general reading, however it works best if you look at your natal chart to see where your signs lay. Take what resonates and if the message doesn't fit I know there are other messages that will. Let's get started!

Crystals used: Selenite and Clear Quartz

Ring: contains Freshwater Pearls

Decks used:

The Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace

Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

The oracle card is 24. Light Dancer, "Illumination, the radiant self, shining soul"

The main influence card is XI Strength Reversed 

Cards that represent The placement Cancer and the Sun are the Three of Cups and The Sun.

Cards that Represent the placement of Taurus Moon and the Moon are Six of Pentacles and The High priestess.

Page of Wands represents the Aspect, Sextile between Sun and Moon.

Influence in the 4th house of Cancer, Ace of Spades(Swords) Reversed has a sun like star in it's end phase of life.

Influence on the Sextile, Blue Joker Up(Wands) has a galaxy that contains a jet blasting away from a supermassive black hole. Blue and orange. White jet.

Influence in the 2nd house of Taurus, Seven of Spades(Swords) Reversed has a galaxy with ring like structures in orange, blue and red.

According to the Basic Astrology Chart, a general guide of Aries rising as Aries is the 1st house, Cancer is at the 4th House and Taurus is at the 2nd House. And according to the placement of the planets in their signs it creates a 60 degree aspect. the Sextile is an aspect that shows hard work pays off.

Let's take a look at the oracle card and the main influence card.

The Oracle card shows a Lady of Light dancing in the Stars. She is in between the earth and the Universe. "This here to remind you...of the beauty of the heart and soul…" The light is inside of you as you are made of stars.

The main influence card, Strength Reversed, shows that you may be hesitant to understand this concept. You may tell yourself "you can't deal with what comes your way".

Next let's look at Sun and Moon Aspect cards.

The Three of Cups shows that the Sun in Cancer is in the friendly stage of its evolution. You may "embrace the joyful opportunities. And you may allow yourself to do this because with the Six of Pentacles as Taurus Moon is in the middle of it's evolution "you give and receive for the universal good."

The Aspect is the Page of Wands, an energy of "good news" coming your way. Giving may help you feel more open to receiving.

Last, but not least, let's look at the Influences on the Sun and Moon Aspect.

The Sun and The High Priestess(representing the Moon) show that optimism and intuition are in full force if you open yourself up to it.

The Ace of Spades(Swords) Reversed shows that you have yet to begin accepting your role as a leader. You may be afraid no one will listen to you.

The Seven of Spades(Swords) in reverse shows that you may be showing people you know better than what you tell people you are capable of.

The Joker up(Page of Wands) is emphasizing the Sextile aspect. If you believe in your ability to lead and calm the mental chatter that keeps you from pursuing a major role in a project, then you will be open to the good things that come along to let you know you are on the right track. 

24. Light Dancer "Illumination, the radiant self, shining soul" you have a relationship to the infinite as told in the guidebook of the Oracle of the Hidden Worlds

Crystal Message: 

"You may feel alone on this spiritual journey. Know that you are not. Do not be afraid to show your inner light, your truth, your joy, your inner abundance" -Spirit

Here's a journal question for you:

How can you embrace your connection to the infinite joy and truth of the Universe alone? How can you honor your joy and truth in an activity you guide other people in doing? 

Rising Sign Horoscopes for Taurus Moon Sextile Cancer Sun below can be used for anytime this planetary occurrence happens or if this aspect is in your chart.

Aries: You may find comfort in proving your self worth. Think of your inner fire to release your leadership abilities. Something like motivational speaking could be good for you.

Taurus: You may find creative ways to keep communication going about a topic you want to lead on. This could be your shining moment. Something like being a moderator in a discussion, maybe something political could be good for you.

Gemini: You may find service is a way to make people feel comfortable. Use your knowledge of serving people to show you how to lead on projects. Something like working as a hotel manager could be good for you.

Cancer: You may find partnership is a fountain of creativity. Use your feelings to figure out how partnership is going to offer new opportunities to you to lead. Perhaps being an art therapist or tarot card maker and reader could be good for you.

Leo: You may find that helping someone through a transformation is a way to provide service. Think of something like helping people with fitness, yoga, or dancing.

Virgo: You may find that spirituality is a part of forming a solid partnership. Your thoughts on spirituality can bring you opportunities through knowing one person and getting to know them. Something like writing a book with someone on a spiritual subject could be good for you.

Libra: You may find that a strong career can lead to transformation. Counseling people on career could be good for you, life coaching comes to mind.

Scorpio: You may find friendship is a part of spirituality. You may take the lead in a friendship by discussing spiritual topics. A career on how you can do this could be running a Spiritual retreat.

Sagittarius: You may find yourself-undoing in a career move that could cost you payment. If you find a career that allows you freedom to be messy, that would be what you need to lead. Perhaps doing something with comedy could be good for you.

Capricorn: You may find self care stems from having a good, solid friendship. Be sure to truly take care of your needs. People need you to take care of them and the only way you can do that is to be good to yourself first. Perhaps nursing or being a doctor could be good for you.

Aquarius: You may find self-worth in freedom that is brought on by making mistakes. You can have a career in a way that allows mistakes to be a part of the process. Perhaps making music could be good for you.

Pisces: You may find that communication brings you self-worth. A career where you can have conversations with people and get their feedback, such as consulting on a subject you know could be good for you.

If you resonate with this reading, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If you'd like to book a reading with me then please look at my "Astrology Tarotscopes Reading Page" for information on how to book a reading. Blessings 💛

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