Boundaries Tarot Reading Spread inspired by the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

Boundaries Tarot Reading Spread inspired by the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal

Boundaries Tarot Spread by Jessica Berck Hensley of

Imagine you are in your car after eating a delicious meal and you decide “I’m going to go talk to this guy I haven’t talked to in a year.” And right before you drive over there you choose not to see him.

What happened here? You set a boundary last year and you decided you wouldn’t talk with him until he showed respect for you.

This tarot reading is about boundary setting. During the lion’s gate portal, boundary setting is one of the best ways to harness Leo Energy. Leo energy is all about strength and knowing you deserve people in your life who are loyal and respectful of your boundaries.

Here are the Questions for this tarot reading to help you set your boundaries.

1. Why do I need to set a boundary with this person?

2. What steps do I need to take to set a boundary with this person?

3. How can I make sure I keep a set boundary with this person?

Tarot Reading: General Guidance for the Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8

Deck Used: 

Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche

Note about this reading: I choose to use the Major Arcana Card for the first question and Minor Arcana for the other two questions because I feel like the first card is all about who you’re dealing with and the other two cards are about the actions you need to take to satisfy your goal of setting boundaries with the person.

Boundaries Tarot Spread for the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal. Crystal used  to relay Tarot Messages is Stitchtite. Deck used is Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche.

Card 1: The Emperor

You may need to set a boundary with this person because they are forceful and domineering.

Card 2: Nine of Wands

Each step you may need to take needs to be about standing your ground an asking for your free space. You may be weary from defending yourself. You need to stand in your truth and speak about why you need free space.

Card 3: Six of Cups

You may be able to keep your set boundary by refusing to let the past determine your present relationship with this person. If they bring it up, remind them of where you stand now.

If you like this reading there is a Journal Page that goes with this reading. Check out the page “Journal Paper” to see it. It contains the reading diagram in this post and has space to write your answers to the questions asked by the Tarot Reading. You can also click and save the post at the top and use that to write in. It is a little smaller though. If you'd like the full size, then resonation donation is the way to go.

Boundaries Tarot Reading Spread Paper in Use for the Boundaries Tarot Reading inspired by the 8/8 Lion's Gate Portal.

So after you’ve sat in your car and thought about talking to a guy you haven’t spoken to in a year, now you know you have a boundary set in place when you are tempted to let someone back into your life who may not respect you yet. Go with what your gut says, always. If you don’t you’ll spend time making up for pain.


  1. Your readings always make me think, even when I don't have the predicament you describe. I have been wondering how much to cling to my existing relationships from VA and earlier and how much to seek out new people who don't know me. What boundaries do I set for new friends?

  2. I say think about what you want in a friend. Do you want them to listen to you when you have a problem you need help on? Do you want friends to pal around with and joke around with? I think there are friends that encompass both those things. It'shard to find friends who do, but they are out there. Also one more thing to consider is how much you want them to share with you?

  3. Thanks for giving me some more to think about.

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