"Speak Up" Leo Sun in Opposition to Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020 (Moon Astrology, Astrology Tarotscope, Public Speaking)

"Speak Up" Leo Sun in Opposition to Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020 (Moon Astrology, Astrology Tarotscope, Public Speaking)

This reading is good for anyone who is thinking of becoming a motivational speaker. There is some timeless advice in this reading. It can be used for any full moon, but tonight it is specifically for the full moon in Aquarius of 2020.

This is the first portion of the Full Moon Reading

Crystals used: Clear Quartz

Ring: Contains Hematite

Decks used:

Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini

The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

1.The oracle card asks what is the energy of people during the Aquarius Full Moon?

2.The main influence card asks what is the main influence on people during the Aquarius Full Moon?

3.4.5.The Cards that represent the Sun and Sign it is transiting, plus influence on these elements asks what is the current energy of the Sun Sun sign During this Aquarius Full Moon?

6.7.8.The Cards that represent the Moon and the Sign it is transiting, plus influence on these elements asks what is the current energy of the Aquarius Full Moon?

9.10. The Card that represents the Aspect between Sun and Moon, plus influence on this element asks what does the current aspect between these planets hold as the key to what is contributing most to the energy of the Planets Transiting the Signs?

According to the Basic Astrology Chart, here is a general guide of how the signs lay around the Natal Chart. Aries rising is the 1st house, Leo is at the 5th House, and Aquarius is at the 11th House. And according to the placement of the planets in their signs it creates a 180 degree aspect, the Opposition. It is an aspect that shows conflict between the planets transiting the signs and therefore affecting people on Earth. 

5, One With The Sun, "Be the Light

Walden says in her meaning book of the Hero's Journey Dream Oracle, "Even though clouds of self-doubt may temporarily obscure your awareness, your inner (self) still shines." You may feel that you are blinded by the light of awareness, as if embracing it is too much to handle at the moment.

XVIII The Moon

Pisces Energy. The influence on you may be that you want to hide your intuition and knowledge of life, perhaps it feels uncomfortable to share your message with the world.

XIX The Sun in Reverse

The Sun in Leo is just beginning however it seems the light is dimmed by clouds.

VIII Strength in Reverse

Leo itself is struggling to shine bright. The clouds just keep getting thicker. 

Queen of Swords in Reverse

Virgo/Libra Energy. The more time you spend hiding, the more time you close yourself off to the opportunities that flow when you allow people in. Now is the chance to let your guard down and invite people into your space.

The Star

Aquarius is influencing your hopes that you can shine brightly without opening yourself up to people.

The High Priestess 

Moon Energy. You continue to hide in plain sight. You're afraid to take a chance on being seen by influential people.

Nine of Rods (Wands)

Sagittarius Energy. Now is the time to harness the inner fire in yourself to make an impression on the world.

Page of Rods

Opposition. Sure there could be conflict if someone doesn't agree with how you share your wisdom. However, that's a small price to pay for the friendships that can develop over time with people who have your best interest at heart.

Queen of Diamonds (Pentacles) 

Sagittarius/Capricorn Energy. This card representing Formation of a Star Cluster embedded in a Nebula, shows the hidden potential of great ideas for content that are within you. Also this shows you have a talent for making people feel comfortable within themselves

Overall, You could be in the entertainment industry as a motivational speaker, with the inner desire to make it big and make a unique impression on people. However you are stalled. You may be stuck in your head on how to do your work and share it with people.

Crystal Message:

"You are a star. You have the ability to light a fire in people to set out and claim their independence."-Spirit

Here's a journal question for you: How do you take what you know and turn it into something motivational for people to listen to? How do you help people maintain their momentum when they want to give up?

The Next portion of the reading allows you to get more insight on the direction of manifestation this full moon

Before we begin the rest of the reading, here is the tarot spread layout that will be used to deliver your messages.

The Oracle Card asks what energy from the Aquarius full moon is affecting the signs.

The Universe Card asks what main influence the Aquarius Moon is having on the signs?

Next the cards trickle down showing each sign, what to hold onto this full moon, and what to let go of this full moon in order to manifest what you desire with passion, what you want in relation to people, what you want in your spirituality, and/or what you would like to feel like physically in your environment.

Sign 1

4.The Major Card asks what do you need to hold on to for manifesting?

5. The Minor Card asks what do you need to let go of before you manifest?

6. Sign 2

7. Repeat 4

8. Repeat 5

9. Sign 3

10. Repeat 4

11. Repeat 5

Once all of these cards' messages have been delivered there is a crystal message at the end of each Pile's Reading.

Pick a Pile in the next section to get more guidance on your situation. Pick your pile using elements, crystals, and/or subjects to choose your message(s). Pick one or more, you can learn from all the signs in the zodiac.

There are four piles to choose from, 

The first pile is represented by Red Jasper for Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Oracle Deck and Tarot Deck Used for this reading deals with desire and passion, not only for fire signs but for anyone who feels like they are passionate about the situation listed above.

The second pile is represented by Rose Quartz for Water Signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Oracle Deck and Tarot Deck Used for this reading deals with dreams, not only for water signs but for anyone who feels like they are relationships to people about the situation listed above.

The third pile is represented by Blue Lace Agate for Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. The Oracle Deck and Tarot Deck Used for this reading deals with spiritual matters, not only for air signs but for anyone who feels like they are connected to spirit or want to form a better connection to spirit to facilitate action in the situation listed above.

The fourth pile is represented by Tigers Eye for Earth Signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The Oracle Deck and Tarot Deck Used for this reading deals with material matters and physicality, not only for earth signs but for anyone who feels comfortable in their own skin and in their environment or who feels like they are feeling discomfort through their body, and influenced by the surroundings they don't want to be in the situation listed above.

Pile 1 Fire Sign Wisdom of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:

Decks Used:

Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray

Healing Light Tarot by Christopher Butler

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Lady Nada, an Atlantean Spirit much like Mary Magdalene, Heart Awakening, says "Awaken to acceptance and divine love. Give and receive in balance." Words from her chapter say, "You have an opportunity to overcome past pain, heartbreak and let-downs."

You may feel like everything you try doesn't reach the right people. As if there are "right people". You may feel left behind like an outcast.

Five of Diamonds(Pentacles). Taurus energy. This card shows a Planetary Nebula with bright orange orbs enclosed in a blue violet orb. You may be looking for a safe way to share your wisdom with people but don't feel like you fit in so what's the point in trying? You have lots of energy to burn and there is no crowd to feed off of.


IV The Emperor, Aries, holds a shield to keep from burning up in the flames thrown in his direction. He is the ram who batters his head against all obstacles in front of him busting them apart at each turn.

XVIII The Moon, there is a Pisces Influence here. You may be holding on to the feeling of wanting to undo everything you start for fear no one will listen to what you have to say. You need to hold on to the good aspects of the Moon. You need to hold on to intuition and uncovering the next thing people haven't heard yet.

Ten of Cups in reverse, Here is Pisces energy again, you are holding on to the wish for things to stay as they currently are. If you continue to do this then you will not be able to prosper.


VIII Strength, Leo, the masculine and feminine aspects of the self hold the roaring lion of living in the face of pain and heartbreak. The Lion roar echoes through the hearts of those who have lost so much and through the hearts of those who feel everything is golden because of what they've learned from living in the face of fear.

IX The Hermit, Virgo energy here, you may be seeking a way to work in private. You may be afraid someone will steal your ideas. You need to hold on to the time you work alone because you may become busy to the point of forgetting what working alone is like.

Three of Cups. Cancer energy here. You need to let go of surrounding yourself with people who aren't interested in your dreams to succeed at what you want to do. It may be fun to party, but if you party more often than work you may not get the best results you know you can produce. Also, let go of any hangerons who want to know everything about your project, they can drain you of your creative energy.


XIV Temperance, Sagittarius, The fire he holds is in balance and directed for the highest good. He can conquer any obstacle by being a calming presence with the force of a passion for peace.

III The Empress in Reverse. Venus Energy. You may be feeling like you're not receiving enough money for what you do. You need to hold on to abundance by not clinging on to the desire for it. The more you will it to manifest, the less spirit has to do with helping you achieve abundance. If you try to force when things will happen, they may not happen the way you want them to.

Knight of Swords. Taurus/Gemini Energy. You know that you need to cut the ties with clinging to wealth as the only way to know you have what it takes to succeed in your line of work. If you choose to focus on creating good work and don't follow trends, you may receive an unexpected bonus. It may not be what you were expecting, but it will be something you had forgotten you had wished for.

Red Jasper Crystal Message: "Take your time, work alone as that is your strong suit. Don't ask 'Is this it?', Ask 'Is this what I want to receive?"-Lady Nada

Pile 2, Water Sign Wisdom of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:

Decks Used:

Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Turn on Your Love Light. "Love like Crazy" stands out as the meaning to take away from the card. If you do, you will attract more love and adoration..

Queen of Pentacles. Sagittarius/Capricorn Energy. Contains a blue star cluster embedded in an Orange and Red Nebula. You may feel that you are trapped in a work situation with people. You may want to try new things. They may be stuck in their ways.


The Chariot. Cancer stands on their skateboard ready to take off knowing they can fall off any moment and they know they wouldn't have it any other way. He falls deeply into anything he sets his mind and heart on.

The Star. Aquarius Energy. Hold on to your dreams. They may go against what people think you should be doing, but the fight for what you want will be worth it.

Three of Pentacles Reversed. Let go of doing everything alone. It's alright to ask people for help and encouragement when you need it.


Death. Scorpio is about transformation. Death is a part of life and when one's dreams are thwarted it's time to give birth to something new. As a motivational speaker it might be time to change things up to keep your audience's attention and devotion to you and your words.

The Wheel of Fortune. Jupiter Energy. You may need to consider the big picture when you create your topics instead of spending time on endless details. It may be tough to leave things on the cutting room floor, but sometimes less speaks volumes than so many bits and pieces thrown together.

Four of Pentacles. Capricorn Energy. You may be holding on tight to your ideas. They won't work if you are stingy about what you share from your transformation story. The few points you share need to contain things that people will resonate with and if you choose things that are too general people will lose interest.


The Moon. Pisces is tired of all the things lurking beneath the surface ready to get them when they reveal the wrong things to people. However when they reveal the right things they receive a kinship with people.

Judgement. Pluto Energy. You need to hold on to your transformative experiences and remember them each time you are feeling like you want to give up motivational speaking. You may feel people aren't paying attention. If you remember your experiences, you can add them to your topics when you speak. Sure, some will leave, but those who stay are worth keeping in your circle and may add to your abundance.

Eight of Wands. Sagittarius Energy. Communication may be too fast paced for you. You need to learn who to trust and let go of the people who drain your energy. It is your nature to want to help everyone who walks through your door, however the people you let go will be helping themselves have their own transformation by taking in what you've already told them many times and using it to do the best things for themselves to come out on top.

Rose Quartz Crystal Message: "Let out just enough in your motivational speaking to satisfy their need for your wisdom to help them through difficult times so that they can pick themselves up again just like you have time and time again"-the Spirit of Love connection.

Pile 3, Air Sign Wisdom of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

Decks Used:

Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray

Mystic Mondays Tarot by Grace Duong

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Balance. "Thank You Angels for bringing my life into balance." The meaning book says, "...balance much you can do without over-exerting yourself…" You may feel everyone wants your time from both personal and a work perspective. You may be trying to figure out how to make time for everyone and every project you have going all at once.

Two of Hearts(Cups). Cancer Energy. Cassiopeia A, a rainbow colored supernova remnant, has a romantic sounding name. Perhaps you are trying to think of how to spend more time with your person.


VI The Lovers. Gemini always seems to be at a crossroads. He wonders whether he should go for love or stay safe and avoid it.

XIII Death Reversed. Scorpio Energy. Perhaps you need to hold on to being single working on your current motivational speaking project. You may want to spend more time on your project and less on your relationships. There's nothing wrong with doing that.

Seven of Cups. Scorpio Energy. You may feel you have too many choices when it comes to topics to speak about. Focus on one that really keeps you successful. Maybe about being single and working on a time tested project.


XI Justice. Libra is about balance. Justice for Libra is all about who gets what they have earned. If they have done something well, they get a payout from Libra. If they did something poorly they get a payback!

VIII Strength. Leo energy. Its Leo season now. You may be feeling at the top of your game. Hold on to knowing you have what it takes to be successful.

Three of Wands. Aries Energy. You may need to be grateful for what you have instead of always looking for the next trendy item to buy for your business. Work with what you have.


XVII The Star. Aquarius is always hoping for their wish to come true and it must be just as they asked for it. You may have something very specific in mind of what you want to achieve with your motivational speaking business.

XX Judgement in reverse. Pluto energy. You may need to keep your plans a secret for a while until the right time comes along to share what you're working on.

Knight of Swords in reverse. Taurus/Gemini Energy. You may need to let go of anything that isn't exactly what you want in your career. This could involve rigid structure of delivering your speaking. You need to make a decision and stick with it to be successful.

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Message: "Quick, snappy, delivery works in most cases these days. Stick to small bite size pieces of information to speak upon. Show images along with your words. Balance your life according to what experience you speak from." -The Angelic Realm.

Pile 4 Earth Sign Wisdom of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Decks Used:

Oracle of the Hidden Worlds by Lucy Cavendish

Morgan-Greer Tarot

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

24 Light Dancer "Illumination, the radiant self, shining soul". From the meaning book "...the truth of our connection…to our transitory journey within". You may be thinking about changing course in your motivational speaking project.

Queen of Diamonds(Pentacles) Sagittarius/Capricorn Energy. A blue star cluster is embedded in a red-orange nebula.You may feel stuck making a decision you don't want to make such as cutting something from your speech you thought worked to get your point across.


The Hierophant. Taurus is all about structure. Rules make his day. And they keep him on track to keeping order in his life and other people's lives.

III The Empress. Venus Energy. You may need to hold on to what topics in your speaking create abundance for you.

Seven of Cups. You may need to let go of ideas that have too many directions and stay with one solid idea with structure.


IX. The Hermit. Virgo is all about staying on track. The most direct route is best for him.

VIII Strength. It's Leo season. Hold on to what you know for sure keeps you on your path as a motivational speaker. Maybe motivate yourself to keep going if you need to.

Five of Swords. Aquarius Energy. You may need to let go of hasty decisions, specifically when they involve communication with people in your field. You may work best alone.


XV The Devil. Capricorn knows details make everything fall into place. He also knows that sometimes it takes pain to get the details in the work finished. It's a sacrifice he makes every time he works.

0 The Fool. Uranus energy. You may feel like doing something strange like leaping before you look to see what's ahead for your motivational speaking career. Perhaps planning everything out isn't working and you may need to add time to speak off the cuff. Hold on to the time you do something with work that comes easily to you.

Three of Swords in reverse. Libra Energy. You may be over the heartbreak of making a tough decision however you may have trouble allowing yourself the freedom to work in a way that flows smoothly. Let go of structure for a while and see what happens.

Tigers Eye Crystal Message: "All that glitters can be gold if you look within yourself and use discernment in what to share. Allow what you speak to flow freely from you as you let go of structure because you are comfortable in sharing what you have mined from your soul." Light Dancing Spirit.

That's what I have for you this Full Moon in Aquarius of 2020. Feel free to come back and read again if you need to at any other full moon.

Take care and Blessings.

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