New Moon Phase: Leo Mood

New Moon Phase: Leo Mood

New Moon Phase: Leo Mood Pin for Blog Post

The New Moon in Leo is known for causing fire signs to face their shining moment in life. I am a double Aries.

One thing I know during this New Moon Phase is that Leo causes me to have an irritable mood.

I feel like I'm on stage performing in front of a crowd even though I'm talking to one person.

Even when I write for online posting, I think of how everything hinges on one special speech.

Leo is about speaking my truth from the heart. One thing I know this New Moon is that I am nervous that I will fail at doing my best work.

Here is a Tarot spread that can help you figure out how to dig deep down and find what mojo you have to do your best work. This spread can snap you out of an irritable mood.

Self-Worth Card Layout Diagram

Card 1, Left: What negative self-talk do I need to replace with positive self-talk?

Card 2, Middle: What positive self-talk can use to replace my negative self-talk with?

Card 3, Right: What new behavior do I need to do in order to maintain a positive feeling about my self worth?

Decks Used

Cards 1 and 2: Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

Card 3: The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle by Kelly Sullivan Walden

New Moon Phase: Leo Mood Card Layout

Card 1: XVII The Star- A pathway has made room for a goddess to be worshiped. I see this card as showing me that I'm holding on to expectations of being accepted by people in a specific manner. Good or Bad it holds me back from feeling worthy of what I'd like to receive from the world.

Card 2: 4 of Discs Power - This card is about Law and Order and rules. I see this card as showing me that I need to plan for receiving rewards for any project I do. I can do this by setting criteria to satisfy a goal for any task I work on. 

Card 3: 52 A Splendid Torch "Blaze brightly" Dream Symbol: Fire. Walden says "...recognize that you are more yourself now than you've ever been..." I need to be thankful for the lessons I've learned, even those that were painful because they helped make me who I am today.

New Moon Phase: Leo Mood Jade Crystal Message

Jade Crystal Message: Take everything you've learned and share it with people who are searching for their inner fire."-Lauren, my Spirit Guide.

I sat up the other night talking out loud to myself trying to figure out what everything I went through meant. I had a traumatic psychotic break 15 years ago. I was angry and bitter and held so much pain from how I was treated by people and how I reacted to them.

If I had written this a year ago I would still be carrying the burden of anger I felt at being treated unjustly. However this year, I have no anger towards how I was treated in the past during that time. I know that I have worth, and lots of wisdom to share with you. I can teach you how to beat your irritable moods.

I know that I will always hang in there. I get right back up after I've been beaten down by others. Every. Single. Time.

I'm here to show you how you can do the same. I've got digital products I've made to help you on your journey. 

Resonation Donation Speech New Moon Phase: Leo Mood

Make a resonation donation for the prices listed for products and I will send you a link to receive the product. 

You also have the option of donating any amount you'd like if you like the content on my blog and video channel but don't want any products delivered.

I do the work. I stand up. I walk my talk. Will you?

Take Care and Blessings.


  1. I think your last two readings go really well together for me. Now I need to walk the walk to make them work!

    1. Good! I'm glad they resonate! I like my last two readings too 🙂


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