Creative Feminine: Scorpio Half-Waxing Moon for Manifesting Astrology Tarotscope Reading 2020

Creative Feminine: Scorpio Half-Waxing Moon for Manifesting Astrology Tarotscope Reading 2020

This reading is good for anyone who wants to manifest with Magick or Meditation and Vision Boards, feminine creative pursuits. Or wants to harness their use of feminine energy to complete a project. 

The Moon is in Scorpio, which is Feminine. The Sun has just entered Virgo, which is also feminine.And there is a sextile between the two so that brings to mind positive use of energy as well.

I drew up an Astrological Chart for the Half Moon Waxing phase before I did the Tarot portion of the reading and have come up with the idea that 
feminine energy can create a successful manifestation for this Virgo Season.

For me fashion design comes to mind. There is a Sextile between the sun and the moon. Scorpio is about the birth of new things. Uranus is in Taurus in quincunx to the Moon showing an independent streak. Also Venus is in conjunction to the North Node in Gemini by way of Cancer. I think of crafty things and lots of movement and excitement surrounding the birth of new fashions.

If you're not into fashion design, then you can think of any project you are manifesting an outcome to in terms of feminine energy, perhaps something along the lines of focusing on doing something creative that uses your intuition to make decisions.

Now onto the tarot reading:

Crystal Relaying Messages: Red Jasper chosen as a spark for inspiration.

Decks Used:

The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Card 1: This shows people's desire for fueling the manifestation during the Scorpio Half-Waxing Moon.

4. The Return "Own your Mastery" Walden says, "It is time to honor where you've been…" Dream symbol is "graduation". These are the desires to fuel the manifestation.

Card 2: This shows the main consciousness of people's desires during the Scorpio Half-Waxing Moon.

The Empress Reversed is the main consciousness of people's desires.

Card 3: This shows The Sun. 

The Sun is Upright and represents the Sun.

Card 4: This shows the Sign the Sun is transiting in.

The Hermit Reversed represents Virgo.

Card 5: This shows the Aspect between the Sun and Moon.

The Page of Wands Upright represents the Sextile Aspect.

Card 6: This shows the Sign the Moon is transiting in.

The Five of Cups represents the energy going into the Moon in Scorpio.

Card 7: This shows The Moon. 

The High Priestess is Upright and represents the Moon.

Card 8: This shows the energy coming from the Sun. 

The Ten of Swords represents the Energy coming from the Sun.

Card 9: This shows the Universal energy coming from the aspect between the Sun and the Moon.

The Jack of Hearts(Knight of Cups) represents the universal energy coming from the Sextile. The picture shows a stellar-mass black hole with a companion star.

Card 10: This shows the energy coming from the Moon. 

The Ace of Pentacles represents the Energy coming from the Moon.

People drawn to this reading may feel they have the education they need to do the things they want to make into a business. However, they may be afraid of losing too much money by spending so much on the business and then not being able to sell enough of their products to make a profit.

According to the cards, Virgo is ready to burst out and organize. But with doing that they know that they have many things that haunt them from the past when they do their work. 

People may feel like there's always one really huge reason why what they tried in the past didn't work. The reason can be a co-worker or competition
stabbing them in the back. Or it could be the one detail that wasn't completed and left the project in a state of being incomplete. Therefore it was never never shown to the public and didn't have a chance to take off.

The Scorpio Moon is in its losing out phase. Fear of losing out on something that could bring transformation to anyone in the creative industry as they are reading this. Here is a chance for people to use their wisdom to make something unforgettable. Something that helps people transform their lives in a practical way.

The Sextile Aspect shows that, yes work always has a gritty side, but when the grit is used to polish a creative professional's final work it shines.

Red Jasper Crystal Message: "Transformation starts when something is born and it is allowed to grow. During its growth there are rough stages. However once something has gone through a transformation, it is new again and that draws light to something that one may think was ready to die."-Spirit

There are no horoscopes on this one. I did put a house list below though, so you can check your house. It will correspond to how you approach the Scorpio Moon energy for manifesting.

I find knowing what sign in my chart the Moon is transiting more helpful to me in determining what tools I need to use for manifesting the outcome of projects I work on.

Think of where Scorpio is in your chart where the moon is transiting.

Scorpio is in my 5th House of Creativity. I'm sure that is why I see the creative potential during manifesting.

However I feel that there is much from my message that can be applied to any manifesting goals.

Here are the houses. Check where Scorpio is in your natal chart, that is where the moon is transiting. Then think of using feminine energy principles in how you manifest your goals according to your house placement:

House 1: Self-love, Self-Empowerment

House 2: Material Possessions, Self-Worth

House 3: Communication

House 4: Home

House 5: Creativity and Sex

House 6: Work and Service

House 7: Partnership and Marriage

House 8: Birth, Death, and Transformation

House 9: Education, Higher Learning, Spiritual Learning

House 10: Career

House 11: Friendship and Humanitarian Causes

House 12: Self-Undoing, Spirit

If this blog post has helped you learn more about manifesting then please comment and share this post on social media.

Blessings. See you soon!

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