Full Moon in Pisces 2020: Write Your Heart Out

Full Moon in Pisces 2020: Write Your Heart Out

The Pisces Full Moon is all about vivid dreams with clues and mysteries to solve. If you've got a heavy Planet placement in Pisces in your Natal Chart, this Moon may be affecting you quite deep. Also this is a really good reading for Writers.

Before I did this reading I drew up a chart for the full Moon in Pisces for September 2, 2020. In it I found lots of Trines, Squares, and Oppositions with one Quincunx according to the Ephemeris I used to draw my chart. So I came up with a spread that highlights the essence of this full moon in Pisces.

Decks used: The Hero's Journey Dream Oracle by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

Crystal used: Fluorite

The spread is as follows (picture starts at full reading below):

Card 1: This card represents opposition. It shows what life is throwing at me at the moment. What is causing conflict is in my life?

35. X Marks the Spot "See the love in disguise"

Card 2: This Card represents Trines. It shows how I can take a goal and work on the easiest parts. What comes easily to me?

XIV Art also known as Temperance

Card 3:This card represents the Quincunx. It shows the actions I can take to complete my goal.

What is my goal?

Four of Swords, Truce

Card 4: This card represents Squares. It shows what I need to let go of to achieve my goal.

What do I need to let go of to achieve my goal?

Four of Cups, Luxury

In my chart that I drew up I found that there were many aspects that would affect me at this time because these aspects are heavy in my natal chart.

Here are the aspect Opposition placements:

Mercury opposition Neptune, Venus opposition Saturn, Venus opposition Pluto, Sun opposition Moon

Here are the aspect Trine placements:

Mercury trine Saturn, Mercury trine Pluto, Sun trine Jupiter, Chiron trine Jupiter, Mars trine Saturn, Mars trine Venus

Here is the aspect Quincunx Placement:

Uranus quincunx Jupiter

Here are the aspect Square placements

Mars square Saturn, Mars square Pluto, Venus square Mercury

As for planetary placements: Chiron and Mars are in Aries, Uranus is in Taurus, Venus is in Cancer, The Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter are in Capricorn, And the Moon and Neptune are in Pisces

To start off, Neptune is just shy of being conjunct with the moon so it may be a little less intense for all of us. However that's quite a placement to have the Planet that Rules Pisces in the same House as the Moon. Also Mercury and the Sun are in Virgo which is yet another big placement. They are also shy of being conjunct. However though it may be less intense for those without Virgo and Pisces Placements, it could be a make or break moment for those with heavy placements in Virgo.

I have heavy placements in those signs in my Natal Chart. There's Mercury in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo. They are near 180 degrees apart, but not quite. So I'm a bit restless.

Also I've got four planets in my 10th House, With three planets in Capricorn right now I feel the push to work on projects.

All right, let's go on to the reading.

X Marks the Spot "See the love in disguise" Walden says, "...dreams show you where you are out of balance" Dream Symbol is Ex. Such as an Ex Partner. 

Here is what I think is influencing me. My past relationships with people. It seems all the times I was confused in relationships and communication in them, old failed friendships keep coming up. Virgo rules my 3rd House. And Saturn is in there. Communication with people is a sore spot for me.

Art. The picture shows the royal marriage between a red and white lion. Each lion comes together and becomes one. 

There is an opportunity for me to transmute this painful energy into something worthwhile with Jupiter in Capricorn right now. I can take anything that I've gone through and apply it to doing things according to structure.

Truce. The picture on this card shows the Swords forming St. Andrews Cross and is symbolizing structure.

The goal I want to meet, writing literature from my experiences, needs structure. I need to make peace with accepting that there needs to be order in all of my work. I've got Pluto in Libra. This card represents Libra in this deck. It's just another point of guidance that Transformation of any idea starts with rules and balance of elements. 

Luxury. The picture on this card shows cups overflowing with water squeezed from a Lotus Flower. The cups are also floating on water, they are unstable. This card is about the Moon in Cancer.

I've got Cancer Ascendent so the Moon is usually an event for me every month. I need to let go of allowing things to get out of hand. I need to reign in my writing a bit. Everything I write needs to go together and it needs to be precise. I can't allow emotions to get in the way of my thought process.

Crystal Message delivered by Fluorite: "Make peace with work. Become comfortable in the ritual of writing. Once notes are taken, form them into paragraphs that explore concepts of your choosing. Structure and foundation create a safe space to write from your heart." -The Universe

I hope this reading helps you see how Astrology and Tarot can be used together to guide you on your path to discovering your life purpose.

Goals can be a great way to get you going on your journey.

Think of any Planetary Placements in Pisces, and also think about where your Neptune is located. Those will be the most important things to think about this full moon. 

For example, My Neptune is in Sagittarius in the 6th House and my Mars and Mercury are in Pisces in my 10th House. It's funny, I've got Pisces and Aries ruling my 10th House. So it's all about taking dreams, sifting through them, and finding answers that drive my projects and career.

This is a lot to take in, however I thought by sharing details of my Natal placements and how they affect me, you can apply the same principles here to your full moon in Pisces Meditation or Magick practice. 

If you feel this layout, without branding, helps you this full moon and you save the Tarot Card Layout graphic to use as a reference, a resonation donation in the amount of your choice is appreciated by me as I would like to keep this website ad free. 

Take Care and Blessings.

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