Thanksgiving Thoughts: All Lives Matter. Trump?

Thanksgiving is as American as it gets.
Grandma said: Those days were sure better then these days. Democrats say it too.

During Thanksgiving I had a sore throat and stuffy nose, plus my Aunt Flo decided to visit Redbank as people say in New Jersey, which means, I got my period. I felt like spending the day in bed away from my family. However, life matters, all lives matter. I thought it best to celebrate with my family instead.

One topic came up this last Thanksgiving among family and friends; Trump is president elect: What will the future of America be?


As a liberal woman of faith, deep down in my soul, I need to believe that somehow he understands America better than I do and that he has better judgement then shown in his campaign.

Here is what I know about America...

Many natural citizens of the United States of America are born from families that emigrated to this country long ago, some of these citizens forget that. It is also true that today, some African-American Citizens are descended from people who were enslaved against their will, they are trying to find their place in America.  And I cannot forget the Native Americans whose hearts have been compromised in the pioneering effort to create a “new” world from everyone outside of their culture.

America is not just divided, it is compartmentalized.  When does America become about the individual, rather than specific groups?

 In my opinion, it is when individual votes count as the deciding factor to elect a president, i.e., when the popular vote of the individual American Citizens elects the president.

I try to put myself in some of the conservative voters’ shoes to come to terms with the fact that president elect Trump is in charge.

I remember hearing about voters whose jobs went overseas. Voters who felt snubbed by the establishment politics. Voters who are trying to figure out how to recover from being so brutally fired.

As someone who once had so much success in working for someone else and making my own money in the field of my choice, to  someone who lost my job due my inability to adapt and fit into an elite office environment, I know what it’s like to lose and want to win at life again.

During this election, thoughts continued in my head; ‘killers, nationalists, bullies, religious fanatics... just plain fanatics.’ Over and over again about the neo-conservatives. I know not all conservatives fit those categories, yet there is a slice of Republican culture that can be summed up with such terms that ring loud and clear in the minds and hearts of those who feel they don’t belong in this country and who want the isolation of being “the other” to stop.

Having been on both sides of belonging to a group and becoming “the other” I ask myself how does one begin to belong if they have become “the other”.  

When I voted,  I thought of myself and those I love. I voted for those who could give me and my family everything we need to survive and thrive. And I believe that Republicans voted for the candidate they saw fit to run America. The candidate who they felt would give their families what they needed too.

In that sense, is either presidential candidate the wrong choice?

Who knows? As of today individual votes don’t count right now, only electoral votes count.

If all lives matter, then every individual vote counts. 

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving full of compassion and lots of yummy food. I love my family so much.

Take Care, and Have a Good One.

“I’ve got your back, friend”


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