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Why it’s best to use at least one journal to solve life problems.

Hi Sketchpoets,

Here is an article on why it’s best to use at least one journal to solve life problems.

I know that many of you have been waiting for more information on how I journal. These last couple of months I have been having some mental health issues as well as physical health issues. I am happy to say that now I am ready to help you get back on track as well.
This post is the first in the series of blog posts about the specific methods I use to keep myself feeling well despite life problems.

This first article is about journaling for personal reasons, that is anything bothering your mind and heart regarding life problems. That is a very broad definition, however, with the methods I use, I am able to get to the heart of what I need to get done to solve the problems.

I. Why Journal?
Is it to get it out of your system? To figure things out? To profess love in private?, Or to be proud of yourself? Read on to find out more.
A journal will be there when you’re sad. It will greet you …

Free Web Apps for Productivity

Here is a place for Apps designed by me just for you to boost your productivity in a fun way. Have at it!

Time and Write Generator

Words Sprints Minutes
50 2 10
100 3 20
150 4 30

Press down on the button of your mouse and roll over the grid to get your random numbers. You can also use the highlight function on your tablet to get the same result.

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